September 11th, 2006

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Vacation is Over -- Back to Work!

Yes, our annual summer vacation has come to an end. And it's Monday and time to get back to work...

In my case today that means I have a long list of phone calls to make!

I need to call about my jury service deferral, the appointment to take Colin Kitty to the vet today, checking on my appointment with my gynecologist, setting up my liver ultrasound and phoning several places about replacing the furnace -- which in all the recent hassle has been shoved to the bottom of the 'important' list. But we still do want to get that done before winter, if possible!

I need to find out if Marilyn mistressmarilyn wants me to try and phone Wayne's house again. We found out last week that he's in hospice care now, so there's not much time left. He's a dear, dear friend and it's been very hard to watch him getting sicker and sicker -- and knowing he was dying. We'd like to visit him at least one last time before he's gone -- but we got no answers to our phone messages... (His poor wife is having a hard time dealing.)

I got through about Colin's vet appointment this afternoon. Neither Marilyn or I were sure remembered the time, though it turned out to be what we'd both thought it was. (smile) He's going in to be re-checked after his last appointment -- and to see Dr. McCoy (our long time vet) for the first time.

Vet appointment (Colin): Monday, September 11 -- 2:40 p.m.

(It's not easy getting through the line there at any time of the day, frankly. Our vet is one of the best in the city and seems to be constantly busy, busy, busy.)

This reminds me that I need to call Colin's chip service (don't remember the name right now -- and it's a different one than Scarlett has) to be sure they have his correct name associated with the other info... (I'll need to hunt for that phone number.)

My gynecologist's office is still on the answering service for a bit longer, so I'll need to phone back...

Hey? What's this thing where you get the following message (imagine a lovely-but-mechanical female phone voice):
"The line is busy. For only 75 cents Qwest will keep trying and immediately call you back when the line is no longer busy. To accept, press three now."

WTF? So apparently I can't be bothered to save the 75 cents and just redial a call myself? That is so not happening. Not. Happening. I guess I can see it in the work place, but at home? No.

The Circuit Court phone line doesn't open to the public until after 9 a.m. This makes sense, considering they're busy checking people in prior to 8 a.m. -- which is the deadline for arrival to the Jury Room. But do they really expect to be tied up another hour after that? Weird... (No. Don't get me started about the people who work there. Seriously. Don't!)

Just got through to my gynecologist. Guess what? Yes, my appointment is for this coming Wednesday -- which is when I'm supposed to be doing jury duty. (sigh) Not that I've reached them to confirm this yet, though!

I just knew it. Even though I couldn't find the appointment written down anywhere (including here in my journal), it suddenly came to me that it was for September 13! How ironic is that?

But fortunately I got my dear friend Nancy on the phone this time around. She used to work at the clinic I went to until it closed. (I was attending that clinic literally in the womb, up until a few years back.) Anyway, rescheduling is hard with my gynecologist. She's currently scheduling into mid-November! But Nancy had a 'hold out' appointment that she offered me. (What a sweetheart.)

Gynecologist Appointment: Monday, September 25 -- 11:15 a.m.

My annual exam with her is actually covered by insurance -- and I could have been seeing her once a year every year since my surgery! (Not that you'd catch my G.P. telling me that...)

Time to try back with the Circuit Court!site stats

don't forget (tooth)

Jury Duty

My new date for jury duty has been confirmed!

Wednesday, September 13 -- by 8:00 a.m.

At first the woman sounded a bit confused -- but finally she said my 'report date' was definately this coming Wednesday.

(Can I just say I'm going to be really, really pissed off if that turns out to be wrong???)

Well, I'm glad I changed my gynecologist appointment, considering! (I can't wait to talk to her about doing something for my hot flashes. They've been out of control again.)

So now I guess I need to figure out when I can go in for my liver ultrasound. I'm really looking forward to that, by the way!

I don't even have getting my mammogram down on my list of calls to make, but I need to do that, too.

And get an eye appointment, because my prescription for my contacts only lasts for a year...

More about all this later...

(Yes. I am aware it's the fifth anniversary of 9-11. But it's difficult to know what to say. I did come across some notes I wrote about that day, though, so I may post them later on.)site stats