September 10th, 2006

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Good Morning! More Website Work...

Yes. As a matter of fact it is almost 3 a.m. here... (grin)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn has continued to be a busy beaver with fic, writing three more chapters on her "Troy" series "The Vessel." (As I reported yesterday, she wrote four chapters on "Paris' Confinement" -- so that's seven chapters in two days! Impressive, no? Well, I'm sure as hell impressed!)

And I'm pretty proud that I re-coded all the previous chapters of both series -- as well as coding and uploading all of the new ones!

In fact, as of today I've got all of the "King Arthur" fic coded properly.

And with the addition of the new fic banner for Marilyn's wonderful KA fic "The Hairshirt," I can now report that all of our "King Arthur" fics have fic banners! Go me! (smile)

So -- for those keeping count -- I've also done three fic banners in the past two days...

Our website is up to around 7,800 hits now. Well, 7,781 to be exact! (grin) We made the site planning to have it for the two of us and a few friends who might be interested, so it's quite surprising to discover that others actually visit and read what we share there... Fun, fun.

I suppose it reaches a lot more people than in the old days when we were published in zines that were sold for around $20 each -- or when we made copies of our stories and passed them from hand to hand. (smile) What a difference the internet has made for fic writers -- and readers!

Well, it's long past time for bed. More news tomorrow!site stats