August 30th, 2006


Andy Roddick's Bday!

Today is hunky tennis player Andy Roddick's 24th birthday!

In honor of the big event, I decided to share a variety of Andy photos! (smile)

If you're not into tennis, you can just skip...

But, seriously, this is one hot and sexy guy -- so maybe you won't want to skip! (grin)

Collapse )

So... Wasn't that nice? Yum, yum. Give me a bite of that... (grin)

I also made a wallpaper to share in honor of his day.

Here's the preview:

Andy Roddick Wallpaper - click me to see full-size version!
(click on the preview to go to the full-size wallpaper)

Do let me know if you use any of these, please. (Especially my wallpaper.) Thanks! (It's always nice to hear what people think, too!)site stats