August 24th, 2006

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Laugh. (It's Better than Crying...) Jury Duty (again).

Yes, I got up with Marilyn mistressmarilyn, who very kindly dropped me downtown at the courthouse on her way to work. I was there well before the required 8 a.m. check-in time.

(For the record, Marilyn worked yet another 12-hour day yesterday without a break, getting home at 7:30 p.m.)

I was in pain and feeling lousy, but went to the Jury Room to check in. The woman looks at the computer and informs me that it's been postponed until next month!

Well, gee, I wouldn't want anybody to let me in on that!!!

By the way, the Celebrex (which I mentioned here in yesterday's entry) is a miracle drug. Seriously. No matter what else I take, I pretty much have pain 24/7 with my right heel and right hip. But this wipes it out!

However, while it helped a ton with the muscle pull, it wasn't touching the backache a jot. That's been killing me all day long.

Anyway, after being turned away, I phoned Marilyn to let her know. I knew she couldn't come after me, because she had a 9:00 meeting with the Mayor's office coming up that she had to attend. But I wanted her to know what the hell was what.

Then I phoned sister Sue, who had agreed last night she drive down and pick me up if I could get off. She did exactly that, though it took some time. (I actually walked all the way over to Pioneer Courthouse Square, intending to go to the Tri-Met office there to purchase bus tickets. Then I would have jumped MAX and gone to the Hollywood Transit Center (not at all as glamorous as it sounds) and caught a bus home. (The bus gets me within around four blocks of the house.) I hated dragging Sue out to get me -- and she clearly wasn't dressed and ready to come when I phoned, so...

But the damn Tri-Met office was closed! And there was construction everywhere, it seemed. So after several cell phone calls back and forth, she came and found me and took me back to the part of town where we both live.

But on the way I suggested going to breakfast. I had been feeling icky that morning, so I hadn't eaten anything. We went to 'Our Daily Bread' in St. Johns for breakfast (I paid), before she took me home.

Then I phoned the doctor's office and asked what results they had from my urine test from yesterday. I know what a bladder infection feels like -- and I'm pretty sure I've got it again. (If not a kidney infection.)

Finally I laid down on the heating pad (on the living room sofa). The one the doctor told me to buy and use when I saw him yesterday. I promptly fell asleep. I recall hearing the phone ringing at one point, but couldn't rouse myself for another 45 minutes. (Turns out it had rung twice, which I certainly never heard! Both calls only minutes apart.)

I returned the calls which were from both of my sisters. Then I sat up to the computer for a short period and went back to the sofa.

The next call I got was on my cell phone, from my clinic. They said yesterday's sample had been 'contaminated' (???) and the doctor wanted another one. I asked when they wanted me to come in and they said 'immediately.'


I don't think I've ever had any clinic tell me to come in immediately before this.

Anyway, I went in, dragging my ass because I felt so lousy. It was easy to give them another sample, as I really needed to pee at the point where they phoned. I could have filled several little cups -- and normally I can only get an inch or less in a cup. Yeah, TMI. Sorry! (smile) I'm too lazy to cut...

Then they stuck me in an uncomfortable chair in the lab waiting room (never been there before). I leaned up against the wall and promptly fell back to sleep. At one point a woman from the lab woke me to say they hadn't forgotten me. Later the doctor woke me by rapping on the wall, of all things!

He said there was very little sign of anything abnormal in my urine, but asked if I was having discomfort when I peed -- I said yes. (duh) So though he was very dismissive toward me, he wrote me a prescription and I headed to Rite-Aid to pick it up.

Anyway, I'm home and sitting up for a bit, so I thought I'd post...

There's a great deal of irony and annoyance attached to all this. I didn't get in to the ultrasound test I was forced to cancel for this morning -- yet I didn't get jury duty over with, either. (sigh) I feel worse than yesterday, but the doctor didn't treat me a bit better than the last time I saw him. (It may be time for a new doctor.)

But you know what?

I don't give a damn, really. I refuse to let this crap get me down. Life is still good. As of this weekend, Marilyn will be on vacation for two weeks -- and we're still going to have a great time. (Even if I have to go in for an ultrasound at some point during those two weeks.)

If the antibiotic can clear up the back pain -- the way the Celebrex has done for all my other pain -- then I'll be back playing tennis in no time at all!

Hey, everybody has issues, so whatever! (heh)

I didn't mention yesterday that we're planning on going to the beach on Saturday. Marilyn had me call and invite Sue the other night and yesterday I invited Mitch. They both seemed up for it, so it will be the four of us!

I also neglected to mention that the wonderful Tom sent Marilyn flowers at the office this week! Isn't that sweet? Just flowers for no occasion except to be nice? (She's been wearing his ring all the time lately, by the way...)

Plus, I've also had a chance to see just how wonderful and supportive people can be during all this, which means a lot to me! So that's another good reason for making lemonade out of my lemons -- right? (Thanks, by the way, guys. My LJ friends rock!)

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