August 10th, 2006


Happy Birthday!

Two of my wonderful LJ friends have birthdays today, so I need to take a second to wish them both the very best!

Birthday greetings Becky beckyo and Gabrielle skybythelight! I hope you both have great days. (And outstanding years!)

Happy Birthday, Becky and Gabrielle!!!

So... would either of you care for an icon in honor of your special day? Just let me know... (I've got some really pretty ones here that are unused to date -- just waiting to slap some text on!)

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Don't forget!

(As you recycle the empty bottle...)

The best brand (to date) is:

Wyman's Wild Blueberry

The juice comes in a 46 ounce bottle.

(Not exactly like having Starbucks -- now is it?)

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Birthday Gifts -- Icons

Some bday icons for my LJ friends, as promised!

(Yes. I'm willing to do more, if any of you want them. Again, just let me know!)

For Becky:

Happy Bday, Becky!

Happy Bday, Becky!

For Gabrielle:

Happy Bday, Gabrielle!

Happy Bday, Gabrielle!

For Marrie:

Happy Bday, Marrie!

Happy Bday, Marrie!

Obviously I'd do a better job if I knew what each of you might have wanted in advance... but what the hell. I like these anyway. (grin)

I'm remain pleased with this icon style -- and in some cases I've expanded on it a bit by adding the animation. (That makes it just a tiny bit more tricky than the static version...)

Yes. I admit that I am feeling somewhat artistic today! (smile)site stats