August 7th, 2006

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Another New Friend!

Welcome to new friend trekkiegrrrl! (I suspect we have quite a few things in common. Like cats, HP, a love of Rick and "Star Trek"... Not necessarily in that order, of course!)

I met her when friend kittyangelchan linked to her Severius art in this recent entry.

Yes, I need to update! We took a drive to Mount St. Helens yesterday -- and I have many (many) photos to share. As a matter of fact, I actually filled up our memory card! (yikes) But as Marilyn mistressmarilyn pointed out, I did take tons of pictures, including every single sign in sight. (smile) Don't worry -- I won't share them all! (grin)

I also need to share the photos from that last trip I mentioned, too.

And I need to finish a couple entries I've started and not finished... (What? Charlie has entries she hasn't finished? That's so not news...)

Oh. And I got called for jury duty. Again. (sigh) I'm going to try and postpone, as it falls during Marilyn's two-week vaca. (Which includes the U.S. Open -- yes, tennis!!!) Yes, I'm whining about this. I mean, why is it that I've served on jury duty twice in my life -- and this is the fourth time I've been called -- when tons of people I know never get called even once in their lives??? It's just wrong! (But then if I hadn't had such a bad experience the last time I served, maybe I'd feel differently about all of it...)

Anyway, I've got a ton of work to do today and tomorrow in preparation for having the Power-Vac guy here on Wednesday (grr) -- so I'd better get to it pronto!

I already had to hop on my bike and head down to the store first thing this morning to get Scarlett some tuna, poor (starving) baby! No. She is not satisfied with her dry food. In fact, she threw it up twice last night. And as I told Marilyn, it looked like 'food in, food out' -- not chewed at all!!!

More later. Happy Monday, all!site stats


Quick (belated) Bday Wishes!!!

Oops! My bad. I missed Marrie's hermine birthday yesterday! Sorry, Marrie!

I hope you had a really great day. (And you'll have a great year, too!)

Happy Birthday, Marrie!!!

(Now that I know you share my Dad's bday, I wonder if I'll be able to remember it... ?)

I'll gladly make you a couple birthday icons if you'd like one, Marrie. Just let me stats
don't forget (tooth)

Dentist Appointment

I had to postpone the one I made when last there, as it would have conflicted with Kurt (PowerVac dude) coming this Wednesday.

The new appointment is now for next week:

Tuesday, August 15 -- 2:45

I love Mary, my dentist, to pieces. She's wonderful! And I'm excited to get this stained front tooth fixed! (whee)

Well, back to work. I've even cleaned out a couple of drawers, believe it or not!