July 27th, 2006


Work on House and Yard -- Update!

It was hot again today -- but you only noticed it if and when you were standing around in the direct heat (no shade) for long periods. (Yes, I did that a few times, but it was okay...) Oh -- and I had a nice talk with a neighbor before heading out.

I rode my bike out to run errands -- over to the local locksmith and then on to Freddies. I needed some additional house keys, some more cleaning supplies -- and wanted a couple more flowers, believe it or not. (grin)

So, have any of you tried...
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
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...the Mr. Clean 'Magic Eraser'???


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No tennis this evening, as Marilyn is at her big annual Summer Board Meeting tonight. This is the event she's been coordinating recently -- plus she'll be speaking twice, as well. I hope it goes well! What I saw of the video -- prior to it being completed -- was fabulous! (Wish I could be there to see and hear everything.)

(I really, really hope it's a great night for Marilyn. She deserves it -- plus she's been having an annoying and difficult week, I'm afraid.)

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I'm taking a rest from cleaning to type this up. (I'm tired.) I was going to cook myself dinner, but I'm not all that hungry -- and don't feel like standing over the stove. So...

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Kittie Scarlett is in my lap, trying hard to dose off, I think...

The picnic tomorrow isn't until noon -- and is happily only a couple blocks away. (Easy walking distance from our house, actually.) So I imagine we'll get to sleep in before heading over. We're responsible for arriving early and putting up the signs! (smile)

We'll need to get ice tomorrow for here at the house. I've got the Margarita mix and tequila in the fridge chilling, along with a small amount of beer. We need some more beer and some pop -- plus some chips or something to serve.

I need a nap big time. It's been a busy day!

But I seem to be almost over my bladder/kidney infection! (We'll know for sure after we take in the sample to be tested -- which is supposed to happen tomorrow, but will probably be put off until next week...)

Damn! I absolutely needed to do some laundry today! Well, I guess I'm not going to get around to that...

Hm. I'm sort of wondering if I should wait up for Marilyn to get home from the meeting... ???site stats