July 21st, 2006

tennis anyone?

104' Today -- and My Doctor Appointment

Yes. Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I certainly did get up and head to the tennis court by 8:00 a.m. this morning so we could play! (There were puddles from the park sprinklers having been run, but it was okay.)

We had a lot of fun!

When we got back I phoned my General Practioner's office (again) -- and basically begged for an appointment to see somebody, as I was in even more pain yesterday and today. Marilyn -- the brilliant person that she is -- had suddenly decided I might have either a bladder or kidney infection causing my bleeding...

We then headed to our manicure appointments. When Kris took off my nail polish, she discovered yet another nail that had gone green! This is so often a sign of infection in the body, by the way.

We then came home and had time for a nap before going to the doctor.

I really liked the doctor who filled in for my own vacationing GP -- nice man.

The upswing was that I was running a temperature of just around 100' -- and my urine sample was full of blood. The doctor came in greeting me saying I was his third bladder infection of the day. (smile) However, after a quick exam where he 'thumped' various parts of my back, he decided:

I had a very severe bladder infection
I had a pretty severe kindey infection
I possibly had a severe intestinal infection

He gave me an antibiotic, of course, saying normally he'd give a much lower dose for three days -- but he was giving me the high dose for seven days!

So, the good news?

Well, I asked if I could continue to exercise and he was all for it! Very encouraging about any and all exercise -- and really all over the fact that I'd played tennis this morning.

Also, he asked if I'd been out in the heat during the day (the appointment was at 3:45 p.m.) -- and I told him no -- but that we had played tennis early morning. He made some comment to a colleague about how smart we'd been. (grin)

He did ask if I'd been drinking plenty of water -- and I pointed to the bottle I had with me. (I wanted to be sure I could pee when asked...)

There was another nice thing that happened, too. Being unfamiliar with me (and my chart), he checked it over several times. So at one point he remarked in a very surprised voice something like, "Oh, you are over 50!"


I replied by saying I'd be 54 this December. His face said it all -- he clearly thought I was much younger.

Go, me!

(As I'm always saying, if you think and act young, others will feel you are young. And it's clearly true. Right?)

Well, anyway, I'm really glad Marilyn forced me to get that appointment with the doctor. I obviously needed to get in there and get medication.

(And I really don't think I'd have liked waiting around until mid-September with this pain and so on -- only to see my gynecologist for an infection that's not vaginal.)

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On the weather front, it was 104' today -- and is still in the mid-90's right now, at nearly midnight. (sigh) We're expected to have our all-time high-low for July tomorrow morning. Currently that high-low is 74' -- but they think tomorrow morning will be 75'. Clouds have come in and are 'blanketing' the area -- keeping the hot air in and making the temperature drop much slower than it would if the sky was clear!

I'm sitting in a sweat as I type this -- but I'm probably still running a temperature, so it only partly counts. (grin)

Thank God we got the new air conditioner for our office when we did! It's not too bad in here, to tell the truth.

I just had a big drink of cold water, which tastes great to me! (Yesterday I was swigging chilled tequila straight from the pint bottle to help me deal with the pain. By the way, I don't often whine about pain, so you can guess that it was pretty bad if I'm carrying on about it...)

Both Marilyn and I are looking forward to playing tennis in the morning! We'll need to get up even earlier than we did today, but that's okay -- as long as we get to play. We were both saying that we wished we could be playing tennis right now.

As a matter of fact, last night (around midnight) we drove around town to several courts, just to see if any of them were lit -- and if we'd found one that had been unlocked and lit, we'd have played for sure!

Did someone call us fanatics? Get over it! (smile)

Ah -- more cold water! We're talking about running through the sprinkler, the way we've done in past summers. (Especially during the summer of 2004...) We've been letting the grass in front go dormant again this summer (as we did last year), but we do water when it's really hot -- as it helps cool down the house.