July 14th, 2006

tennis anyone?

My New Tennis Racket!!!

I'm so excited you'd think I was a kid waiting for Christmas morning! (smile)

We just went to our local tennis shop, where I purchased a Babolat AeroPro Drive. It's probably being strung (or is done being strung) as I type this...

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We also bought a case of Wilson tennis balls. And Marilyn bought a very cool T-back tennis top on sale that she's wearing.

Aside from that, we got both of Marilyn's mistressmarilyn rackets re-strung and re-gripped, and my (now old) racket re-strung and re-gripped. (For a grand total of around $350.00, which was fine.)

Marilyn needs to buy a new racket, too -- but isn't sure what she wants.

Considering we'd seen my racket for sale on line this morning for around $300, we felt like we were getting a deal to find it for $200. (grin)

(I think the guy at the shop was a bit surprised, though. He'd been trying to talk me into buying a Head racket that ran around $60...)

On that note, I need to phone and see if there's a chance these will be ready today! (I find that hard to believe, as in the 'old days' we'd often have to wait a week to get a racket strung...)

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tennis anyone?

Tennis. (Yes, Again!)

As I mentioned here, I bought my new Babolat AeroPro Drive tennis racket earlier today. When we phoned the shop, they told us it would be ready (strung) by 4:00 p.m. -- along with one of Marilyn's mistressmarilyn old ones that we were having re-strung and re-gripped. (For those who don't know, new rackets come unstrung so you can get them strung to the weight you prefer.)

EDIT: I forgot to mention that they re-gripped my Babolat AeroPro Drive, too! It has the same grips I selected for all the old rackets. I thought that was pretty cool...

The minute we got back home from the shop, we'd gone on line to research rackets. (Yes, I'd already done that a bit before we went, too -- which is how we'd come to feel the price on my racket was a good one.) Anyway, Marilyn decided to give the Steffi Graf Head Airflow racket a try. When we got to the shop they actually had all four rackets ready -- and I'm sure the guy was pretty surprised when we turned around and bought another racket. (grin)

It's supposed to be ready tomorrow by around 1 p.m. (Strung, that is.)

Then we headed out to Costco to pick up a few essentials -- and several not-so-essentials. (smile) They had this container that had 15 cans of Penn tennis balls, so we got that. (Even though we'd just bought the case of Wilson balls.) And we got Gatorade and more of our 'meat sticks' that we like to eat. And protein bars and so on...

Then after we got home and unloaded the car, we changed into our tennis gear and headed to the local park to play.

We were playing better today and stayed for quite some time. Near the end a man and his wife came to use the second court -- with their adorable little boy Bailey, who was four years old.

So at one point he suddenly drags his cute little folding chair over by the net near our court. (It was so sweet. He has his own Bailey-size backpack that he hangs from one of the arms of the chair.) He proceeded to explain that he wanted to watch us because we played really good -- and his parents weren't that good. Marilyn and I were already just laughing and laughing with joy watching him set his chair up, but we about lost it when he said that!

I said something to the effect that he was being too hard on his folks, but his dad jumped in and pretty much agreed with what Bailey had said. (heh) Seriously, Marilyn and I discussed it afterwards and both agreed his parents could hit. (And, yeah, we seriously can tell the difference.)

Anyway, we both tried out my new racket and think it's pretty fine. I'm delighted to have it. It reminds me of when we got our very first rackets years ago, which were these cheap wooden rackets we picked up at Fred Myers for around $15 each. And then when I got my very first T2000 steel racket!

Some special feelings apparently never go away...

Today was just a blast. It was a perfect summer day. We had Starbucks and spent loads of money. (Yes, we're shopaholics. But as we've said many times since 9-11 when economists were complaining that the economy was in grave condition due to lack of consumer spending, that's certainly not our fault!) We drove around and we had leftover hotdogs for lunch and played some Zuma on the computer and just had a grand old time...

And we played tennis.

Yes, we've loved the game since the 70's -- which is when we first started to play...

The only minor downer during the day is that our brand new office air conditioner is leaking on the hardwood floor -- and there are a bunch of electrical cords there! This is our office -- and we've got tons of equipment in here. Two desktop computers, our printer, our scanners, our digital camera port, the spare computer, the TV (it's got a built-in VCR) and new DVD player. Oh. And the new clock. This leak is a pain, in other words. I don't know if it was on too high and froze up (the way they sometimes do), or if it's because it's not installed perfectly level (which I was having trouble with), or what. (sigh)

Anyway, I'll either put a pan under it, or some towels. We used to have that leaking issue with the one downstairs -- which we figured was because we had to install it on one end. (The windows downstairs are odd and open side-to-side.) But who knows? Maybe leaking isn't that uncommon...

It wasn't that hot today -- but muggy as hell. (Well, for Portland, anyway!)

Well, I need to change out of my tennis clothes and wash off my face, which is gritty from both salt and court dirt. (It was quite breezy on the court and those courts tend to be dirty because of the location and poor upkeep.)

I can't wait to go and play again tomorrow!

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Marilyn's Muscles

I just had to mention how playing tennis pops the muscles in Marilyn's mistressmarilyn upper right arm! Wow.

We were talking today about how she's changed her body physically since our early days of tennis. She totally worked her upper body over the years and built up her shoulders and back. It's an amazing difference that most people wouldn't believe -- but somewhere I've got the 'before' photos to prove it. (smile)

But the end of summer, we're both going to be in much better shape. You can take that to the bank...

Yeah, we tried to get our sister Sue to go with us today, but she bogued, saying it was 'too hot.' (Hardly! Especially not with the heavy breeze in the park.) She used to play tennis all the time before her weight got out of control -- and she's been talking a lot about wanting to play now that she's lost so much...