July 12th, 2006

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Icon Art?

Yes, I'm ridiculously proud of these new icons I've been making. (smile) I just happen to have come up with a rather cool 'style' (if you will) that I think looks very nice. It seems perfect for the 100 x 100 pixel dimensions of an icon.

Here are two, for example:

sky, clouds, sunocean and flowers

And there are several more Collapse )

I'm making way too many icons in this style now, but what the hell. It works for me. (grin)

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eeek! (gray mouse glittered)

More LJ Weirdness

My 'Default View' was just entirely messed up. (Meaning I've set up a filter named 'Default View' -- and whatever is included in it will be what displays when you click on 'Friends.')

Anyway, while I have personal journals included for this default filter, I often don't include communities.

But I just clicked on Friends and was getting everything -- including these communities where people post tons of times every day. (That means wadding through entries I normally won't read unless I have a lot of spare time.)

I did go and check my filters, to see if somehow I'd recently messed up and added some communities in the default that I didn't intend to -- but it was the same as always.

So what the hell would make that weirdness happen all of a sudden?

Naturally it couldn't possibly be anything wrong with LJ -- right? And as I'm always being told, nothing hardly ever goes wrong with LJ in the first place... (smile)

Well, I couldn't help it, I just had to mention it...

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