July 11th, 2006


Yes, it's the TV Meme! (smile)

This goes on forever, so consider yourselves warned! (grin)

(No, I don't remember who I gacked this from -- but I've seen it several times now!)

The following is the (current) really huge TV meme!



From the following list of TV shows...

BOLD if you've seen three (3) or more episodes.

BOLD and ITALICIZE if you've seen every single episode.

ADD five (5) shows -- but be sure to keep the list in alphabetical order!

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Okay, okay, okay... Yes, I could go on and on and on. But I'll stop myself now. I used to be quite a TV-aholic! (grin)

I don't think I'm supposed to tag anyone, but I'd love to see what all my LJ Friends have to say! (And of course I want to see Marilyn's mistressmarilyn list -- and whether we have it the same or not... Plus she'll think of shows I'm forgetting to mention!)

Oh! And this inspired my new 'TV' icon, too...
TV icon

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Nadal in Car Accident!

Oh, no! Rafael Nadal was in a car accident!!!

Part of the report reads:

Spanish news agency Europa Press reported that a woman who lived nearby went to investigate after hearing the noise of the accident and found Nadal dizzy but unhurt.

She said the tennis player recovered after having a drink at her house and the car was taken away by a tow truck.

(I'm sure they're referring to a 'drink' of water, by the way. Rafa is a very nice boy...)

In a later report, they quote Nadal:

"As you will have been able to find out through all the different means of communication, I had a minor accident, not serious, this morning at 9:30 when I was driving to the port of Puertocristo on Mallorca. I had been with some friends to go fishing and when I went over a pothole I lost control of the car a little and it made me bump into an electricity pylon. The speed that I was doing was very little (around 30 km/h) and it was all OK.

"Let me tell you that I spent a fantastic day fishing with my friends. We caught something like 30 fish. I will carry on enjoying some days off; it's been a long time since I had some time off."

It goes on to report that Nadal will be skipping defending his title at the Synsam Swedish Open, which is a smart move. (I'm sure he can use the rest before the U.S. Open!)

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go me!

New Air Conditioner (Thankfully!)

Why, yes, thanks! I did go and purchase the new air conditioner for our office and get it installed today. The window has 'issues' -- which means it's a pain to get it to work exactly with the air conditioner... (I come from a long line of family who 'jury rig' things to make them work. I could tell stories that would curl hair -- I mean it.)

But anyway, it's in -- and running at this minute, making me shiver just a bit. (smile) Which is a good thing, actually! (Today was muggy as hell, so I was glad to finally have it up and running.)

Tomorrow I was supposed to have both cousin Linda and friend Shari over for a mini-barbeque and visit. But Shari's in a cleaning frenzy this week, with her aunt coming to visit and stay with her next week. (When thinking of Shari's house, imagine a disaster area and you've about got it. And that's when I've seen it 'cleaned up,' mind you...) And Linda was supposed to phone me from work today to confirm times, so I'm guessing she's going to bogue on me, too. (sigh)

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So for now, our Fourth of July decorations are still up -- waiting to be shared by friends. We decided they could come down next Monday.

We hope to get some more flowers this weekend and finish up the last of our planting. We could skip it and be fine, really, but it would be nice to have a few more things.

The fountain turned out lovely after the new paint job -- and it's been running for ages now. I'd meant to get the table cloths on the picnic table out back today, but got wrapped up in messing with the air conditioner instead.

We played tennis last night and it was going well. But we were both too tired tonight. So we're looking forward to playing again tomorrow.

I can't seem to reach my yard man's wife, who helps with his business. It's annoying, as I ordered a load of barkdust for the back yard two weeks ago -- and she told me he was 'a week out' on such deliveries. That means we should have had it come last week -- and here it is late Tuesday night of the following week, with no word! (ugh)

If it takes another week, we'll probably skip it at this point. I was feeling so annoyed about it both yesterday and today that I was ready to go to someone else. (I phoned her three times on her cell and three times on her business line yesterday, with no response. And I tried a couple of times today, too.)

I hope she didn't just forget to place that order!

So tomorrow morning I need to pick up the living room. (I've got all the styrofoam and plastic -- plus the box -- in there right now, from the air conditioner. Plus additional junk used to install...) Then I'll try and pick up a bit in the back yard. Sweep and maybe put on those table cloths. It's Linda, who won't care about whether it's a mess or not. (She's awful about it herself and always has been.) But I care, so...

I'd also like to get in and get a hair cut tomorrow, if possible -- although I could wake another week if I had to. (My bangs are longer than I like -- and I need it layered a bit on top -- but the length isn't bothering me one bit.)

I'm supposed to be entertaining more this year (one of my New Year's Resolutions), so it's good to have someone over. (smile)

Speaking of Resolutions, I still want to keep getting rid of clutter around here. I watched a great TV show today on the HGTV channel that was dealing with organizing a home -- and it made me want to jump right in and start tossing things out!

I guess that will be a new goal...

Well, anyway, I'm proud of getting the air conditioner in, which allows me to use my new 'Go, Me!' icon. (grin)

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