July 6th, 2006

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Meme Update

EDIT: Talk about a misunderstanding. Color my face very red. (smile) Anyway, this wasn't what my friend had been trying to say at all. So the meme is back. (Sorry about that!)

I'm taking down the (recently shared) 'Jesse James' meme. Apparently it's offensive to the site owners for anyone to post it inside their journal in this fashion. (One of my LJ friends was kind enough to let me know!)

Not sure why that would be, really. (I can't see how get someone to post a link to their website would be a bad thing, personally.) Anyway, I'm certainly not out to offend anyone, so out it goes! (smile)

I'd move the link here (to this entry) and encourage everyone to visit what I consider a really lovely "American Outlaws" website -- but I think I'll afford any further potential controversy...

(Seriously, I'm never out to cause unhappiness for others.)

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