June 29th, 2006

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Tennis, Anyone?

Wimbledon time -- how we love it! This year is quite poignant, being Andre Agassi's last Wimbledon ever...

I can't imagine the game without him. I just can't.

We've been through it before -- our favorite players retiring, I mean. But this is beyond that. I can't recall ever loving a player as much as Andre. He's just special!

Tennis at our house today was rocky for a bit. It's around a quarter to 8:00 -- Marilyn mistressmarilyn is off to work, in spite of feeling sick. She has four important meetings today and simply can't miss going in, sick or no.

She was sick enough when she got home from her lunch yesterday that we ended up staying home from the Events Staff Barbeque. (I personally phoned Jenny to explain.) I thought she was over it last night, but clearly not! It's the down side of having a really important role for her job -- even when she'd rather be home, she just can't be.

Back to tennis -- and Nadal is down, two sets to one. Thankfully he pulled out the third set in the tie-break! He shouldn't be losing this badly -- but give me a break. The guy he's up against has a big serve and volley game, perfect on grass. Nadal is originally a clay court player -- though as Marilyn pointed out to me, he has no trouble on hard courts, so why on grass?

Well, grass is still grass -- and the fastest court on earth. Or maybe that's questionable. Maybe it's just about the weird bounces you get off grass, more than the speed of the surface. Grass can do some strange things with the ball!

Yeah, I don't write about tennis all that much, but it's my sport of choice and has been since the 1970's. And I know quite a bit about the game, too. I've watched a lot of tennis, read about it, played it and coached it, too. (Like most things, if I can do it at all, then I've probably taught someone else. That's just the pattern of my life!)


In fact, years ago I had a young man rip me off several excellent tennis books I then owned! I still have a few good manual-type books around here, in spite of that, though I don't crack them much myself. I do recall that at one point I used to save this huge stack of tennis 'hints' from "Tennis" magazine. (grin) But it wasn't too convenient...

But I still take it seriously. If I were to go out and play today, I'd never miss that 'hop' on return of serve, for example. (smile)

Well, Kendrick (the guy Nadal is playing) is a game player -- still really pushing Nadal. I bet he can taste that win. Come on Nadal!!!

Andre was down several break points (according to Marilyn -- I never saw them, as I was still sleeping).

24th ace??? Come on!

Anyway, they went back long enough to let us see Andre win the third set -- and get his 'standing o' (which he'll get every match, regardless of winning or losing).

Heading to Costco with sister Sue after her doctor's appointment. I have a long list, as I haven't been in literally months. (But will be 'good' and not buy anything on impulse, no matter how tempted!)

We are getting a package of fireworks for the Fourth while there, as nobody can beat the quality for the price! And this is the only time of year you can buy fireworks, even if you want them to set of for either Christmas or New Year's Eve (which we often do).

I need to run the last station of the sprinkler, drag in the recyclying bins, grab a quick bath and do my hair and makeup -- oh, and get dressed, of course -- to be ready to head out. I've already gotten out the Fourth of July decorations (what we had in the past) to put up today. (And washed the living room mirror and glass door leading to the backyard -- so I can put up the window/glass cling decos I have...)

Well, on that note!

(God, I hope Nadal can manage to pull this out... It would suck for him to lose this early on! I'm damned glad Andre won.)

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More Tennis...

Nadal did it -- he won it in five! (Well, obviously he had to go to five to win, considering he was down two-zip at one point...)

I had to watch part of it via PointTracker at the Wimbledon website, as they went off the match in favor of showing other players. (sigh)

It was looking pretty grim for a time, but they both won -- so now they face off in the next match! (I gacked some images from the Wimbledon site -- so I can make some tennis icons if I want... Or new ones for Marilyn, if she wants!)

Okay, and I've got the recycling bins in, the garbage can put away, part of the decos up, the list ready for Costco -- and I'm suitably groomed and ready to go. (grin)

I also made a pot of coffee (haven't had a cup yet) and am eating some blueberry yogurt.

I need to stick with the plan at Costco -- and not veer off on some random item.

Embarrassingly enough, I grabbed an 'impulse item' at the store last night -- a small can of hairspray (the Sebastian line). Think tiny enough to fit in your hand here. It ended up being a $10 impulse! I was stunned. (I was thinking under $2 when I picked it up last minute...)

Red face, friends. Serious red face! I'm so sick about it that I'm taking it back today (come hell or high water). Tell me I'm not the only idiot that has bought something without knowing the price, only to being shocked to hear what it is...

No. We can't afford a ten dollar can of hairspray that's probably got three applications inside!

I think Sue's here! Later.

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LJ and More 'Changes' (smile)

Well, well, well... I can't decide what to make of this entry at the lj_releases. (I'm a member at featureannounce, and this entry referred members to the one I've linked above.)

For those interested, I'll share the full entry Collapse )

Seriously, the comments to that first linked (bolded) entry above are really, really worth reading! And, no -- I'm not damning anyone who has opted to go Plus (ads, ads, ads), rather than Paid or Free (oops) Basic. Many of us are used to ads at sites we frequent, so why should it be different here at LJ -- right? (smile)

But remember what I've been saying, people. Plus (ad sponsored) is now the default for all new accounts -- and that should tell us something. (Something I've been saying recently.) LiveJournal is moving toward the majority of their users having ad sponsored accounts (Plus). It's fairly impossible to deny. (And why should they?)

This is a business. People don't run businesses just to be nice. They're out to make money. (duh)

Well, I've seen it coming. I'm not sure if it's going to matter all that much in the long run -- but we'll see.

Meanwhile, I'm entertained that people are far too smart to be fooled into believing this isn't about money! (grin)

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More LiveJournal Changes! (grin)

Oh. Oh. Oh. I'm so enjoying all this! (Sorry if I'm being annoying, but this is very entertaining to me...)

Posted to lj_releases is this (lengthy) entry, which includes the following:

* Users can now display just the year, or just the month/day of their birthdate.

Naturally I went directly to the manage profile page to check it out. (smile)

LJ users now have these options:

Do not display
Display only the month and day
Display only the year
Display month, day, and year

And it's about time! (grin)

(What? Me spam my journal? Whatever do you mean?)

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