June 19th, 2006

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Changes to LJ 'Customize'

Has anyone been to the Customize page recently? (sigh)

This is bad. Now we who use S2 can't just go there and click that button that allows us to select the colors, text, etc., etc. for our layouts! We can't easily pick to eliminate the summary (ugh) and so on (like 'friends' for a community).

Is this supposed to drive us to have paid accounts, so we can use 'advanced' methods? (Hey, I'm paid, but I hate even trying to use styles! And I have no plan to bother trying, either.)

(And how many communities are paid?)

This is very upsetting and annoying, as far as I'm concerned.

And does anyone else find this a weird description:

Style System
LiveJournal provides two style systems that allow you varying control over how your journal is displayed:
S1 - For users who are comfortable with HTML and CSS.
S2 - For users who don't know HTML or CSS, or make only minor alterations.


Well, I changed to S2 mainly because it allows for tags -- which S1 does not. I happen to know both HTML and CSS, for the record, so that had nothing to do with my using S2! (And I thought LJ was all for us changing over to S2. With the above description, loads of people are likely to reconsider that...)

The odd thing is that I've been in favor of many of the recent changes at LJ. But not this one. No way.

Time for bed, on that note. It's been a hard day and I'm beat...

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New PSP Tutorial! (woo hoo)

Yes, I finally finished my tutorial on how to make a Custom Gradient! Go, me. (grin)

Well, I finished the one for version 9, anyway. Now I'd really like to do the same tutorial for both version 7 and version 8. Unfortunately, that requires a lot of work. (I was hoping I could use the PSP9 tutorial with almost no changes for version 8, but it's no good...)

This is a tutorial I've wanted to tackle forever, anyway, so I'm feeling very satisfied right now! I've long said it wasn't all that hard to make a custom gradient -- and hopefully I've now proved that fact. (smile)

Time to fix some dinner now. (I'm frying red tomatoes and zuchinni. Yum.)

Oh. Wednesday is 'story day' for the festival staff. We're having a pot luck and each telling some festival-related story. (Marilyn and I plan to take chips -- from the wonderful Tom -- as our contribution for the pot luck. I think we've got enough for that...)

And Thursday is staff movie day! Ira is going to join us. I can't wait. (I hope we get to see something fun...)

Off to cook now!

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Petition at LiveJournal!

I hope you, too, will consider signing this!

(Click me!)

Note: For signing at this point you can head directly to the Part Two page. But you'll probably want to read the above link, too. (smile)

Look, I've been supportive of some of the changes, which I feel are long overdue.

But when you suggest that LJ might become "...a more 'youth' orientated atmosphere...", then you've really pushed one of my hot buttons! (Translate that as 'seeing red big time,' friends...)

And please note that I've had a journal here since June of 2002 (often paid). I'm not a newbie to LJ, even if I don't have thousands of posts in my personal journal...

Spread the word!!!

Edit: And here's my comment to Katie's post, for those interested...

(And many thanks to Katie katiefoolery for sharing this in her journal, so I could post about it!)

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LJ Payment History

I decided to check on my history as a paid member of LiveJournal...

I've been a member since June 26, 2002. (Which means I'm coming up on my fourth year anniversary here, next week! Woo hoo.)

I've been a paid member for 42 months since that time. (Which translates out as 3 1/2 years. Not sure why I let it go for six months, but oh well...)

Anyway, not bad, huh? (smile)

So don't tell me I'm not devoted to LJ... (Even if I don't have thousands of entries here!)

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