June 10th, 2006

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Parade Day!!!

It's right around 12:30 a.m. on parade day now.

Well, Coronation and GFP, that is! (grin)

We did our Street Team gig -- and Marilyn mistressmarilyn is sitting beside me playing Zuma on her computer. Kittie Scarlett is on 'her' chair (here in our office), perfectly content. (She had to howl and 'talk' for quite some time after we got home, though. Just to let us know how she feels about us having come home only to leave again!)

We've got late night TV on in the background. (Yes. Cable TV is an essential part of our home office, thank you very much.)

Oh. And I'm eating some of the Cheetos Puffs that Tom brought over. (smile) And drinking 'Berries & Cream' Dr. Pepper (Diet). The first can I tried I didn't care for. But I've been hooked ever since... (Mostly this time of year we drink nothing but Pepsi for soda, seeing as they're a major festival sponsor.)

It was fun that Wesley -- who was Queen in 2001 and was the one who knighted me -- was there tonight with the Street Team. I kept telling people how cool it was to get 'goodies' from a RF Queen. (grin)

Yeah, as Marilyn says, it's very humbling to see all those people who actually camp out on the parade route overnight year after year after year. Some have done it for decades! Most had no idea who we were, but were stoked about tomorrow's parade. (I couldn't help wondering what they'd think if they knew that one of the group was next year's association president -- or that one of the people handing out blinking lights is the woman who coordinates the parade?)

Our joke with Jenny back at the office when we were getting ready to leave was morbid, but funny as hell. She kept asking if we had this or that -- and I'd keep saying "It's in the box." Then I said, "If we're hit by a truck and killed, get there and tell them 'I'm sorry they're dead, but can I just grab that box, please?'" Okay, it may sound like a sick joke, but my dad would have been the first one to laugh at it. (We get our sick sense of humor from him.) Jenny loved it and we just kept kidding around about it. (grin)

No point in taking yourself too seriously, after all!

Hell, the festival goes on, no matter what...

So what else?

Marilyn and I were talking about how we can't sleep for more than around 45 minutes (or less) without waking up again. It's just hard right now. So it's more like cat naps than real sleep. That's cool, though. I'm wide awake and hyper right now. (Wonder if I can nap for an hour or so?)

It's now 1 a.m. and we'll be taking off in a couple hours!

(Can you believe I've actually done two entries today? Amazing!)

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