May 25th, 2006


Update! (yawn)

Why, yes, it is almost 2 a.m.

Why, yes, I am still finishing up the garbage and recycling!

Why, yes, we do have an early morning tomorrow.

Thanks for asking!


It is what it is. We'll make it. We always do this time of year...

Why, yes, I do need to finish up the script tomorrow so it can go to the printer.

Don't worry, I'll have it done by hook or by crook.

Is that pirate talk? We're 'into' that this year, as we're featuring pirates down at the Waterfront Village! (grin)

Must get to it! (Maybe I'll do a decent entry tomorrow. Or at least on Friday!)

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(Why, yes, that is my new 'shoot!' icon! Isn't it cool?)

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Update Revisited...

Why, yes, I did shatter the hell out of my pointer fingernail while tearing up one of the giant boxes from Tom (that was filled with Frito products at one point)... Damn. (It hurts!)

Hey, I had to do it, as we were going to be buried under those boxes! (I have another one I've yet to tear up in the bedroom...)

Besides, I'm hoping he'll bring another box soon, so I needed to make room in the living room! (heh)

Why, yes, we've been storing boxes of Frito products in our living room recently. We're a little too busy to reason out another spot right now... (smile)

Anyway, thankfully Friday is manicure day! (She'll have to put a tip on that one, as it's down to the quick...)

Now we're treating ourselves with a bowl of ice cream and heading to bed, thanks for asking! (grin)

Oh! And in honor of "American Idol," I think I'll use my 'Simon -- Say What?' icon. (Seems right, anyway. Damn broken nail!!!)

And Scarlett can quit howling any time now. (She always howls when I'm doing the garbage. I think she's afraid for me to be outside, poor baby...)

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I did grab up the old-fashioned limb cutters and whack off some small branches from the tree near the garage. It was hanging so low it was making it hard to get into the car! (We've currently got the festival car parked in the driveway underneath the tree...)

(I am woman, hear me roar!)


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