May 14th, 2006

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Mother's Day!

Just a quick greeting to those of you to whom this applies...

Happy Mother's Day, dear LJ Friends!!!

I hope your children (grandchildren and so on) help you to celebrate in style. (smile)

This includes greetings to some of my friends who happen to be nurturing fathers (in two-father homes), as well!

And to those of you who are not yet mothers -- but are fortunate enough to still have your mothers living -- I hope you have a chance to wish the best to your mothers!

It's a bright, beautiful day here in Portland...

We (Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I) went to the office after the parade yesterday, but had planned to go back last night and didn't. So after our planned ride today, we'll need to go in to the office and work. (No Sunday off, in other words. But we genuinely don't mind, as there's so much to get done!)

Enjoy your Sunday!

(We plan to!)