May 11th, 2006

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Marilyn's BF Gave Her Flowers!

What a perfect gesture! That Tom just rocks. He really does.

At one point late yesterday, I'd started to write a kind of 'rant' entry, speaking about what a bitch it was to be Marilyn mistressmarilyn right now -- because of her over-loaded and stressful situation at work. (She was sick last weekend, but made light of it. And continuing to feel crummy certainly didn't keep her from long, long hours at work all this week! She's ended up having terrible headaches ever since being sick, I'm afraid.)

Marilyn isn't much of a complainer, frankly, but she's had plenty of reasons for it lately, if she were...

Even with 'normal' job, working from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. without a real break would be tough going. I( remember her phoning home at one point and telling me she had a project that was due at 3 p.m. -- and me reluctantly informing her that it was 3 p.m. at that very moment! Freaky.)

Anyway, I honestly believe if you work to stay positive about life, it does pay off. (Okay, maybe not with flowers and a hand-written note from a great guy, but in some way.)


Speaking of pay-offs, I've been making great headway with the script today. I feel like it goes faster -- and I write better -- than in the past. And I honestly feel this has been impacted by my participation in NaNo last November. (Can you believe that?)

Okay, so writing this isn't ever going to be winning any awards, granted. (grin) In fact, it's been amazing to me to have people being so complimentary recently about my script writing. (Huh. What's that about?) For the most part I feel it's all very trite and boring and blah, to be honest. (There isn't that much you can do with a parade script. Seriously.)

So who would guess I'd feel a bit 'inspired' this time around?

You just never know...

Anyway, I'm about to take a break and ride my bike for some exercise. I did it yesterday, too, and meant to post to my journal afterwards, but I never quite got to it. (So many things to get done!) Maybe I will later today.

I had all these thoughts about the weather and our neighborhood and so on that were popping into my head as I rode... (smile)

By the way, how do you guys like my new default icon?

Life is Good!

(That was my 'staff ID' picture for 2005. I just checked, to be sure...)

Better get to riding!

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Browser Question...

Here's a very simple question for all of you. (smile)

What browser do you use?

Are you an Internet Explorer user/fan? Do you prefer Netscape? Are you all over Firefox?

While we're at it, feel free to expound on why you like one browser over another, please.

This is an on-going debate between me and my computer tech dude -- as well as others I know. So I'd love to see what all my friends use and/or prefer.


Now I'm seriously off to bike... (grin)

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"Ask a Master Gardener" -- ??? (smile)

Okay, try not to laugh!

Oh, hell, maybe a laugh is just what we all need! (hee)

I just typed up the entry from the "Master Gardener" program, who will be dressed as 'butterflies, ladybugs, flowers and vegetables' -- and have a 'Rake Drill Team,' performing manuevers. They've also written an 'original' song that they'll be singing to the tune of "Meet the Flintstones." It struck me as both silly and fun, so I'm sharing it here with you!

Collapse )The program is currently celebrating their 30th anniversary. Oh, and one of Marilyn's mistressmarilyn and my friends is actually a Master Gardener, by the way! (smile)

But, no -- she won't be marching with this group... (grin)