May 4th, 2006

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Can you say 'hot and tired'?

Of course you can! Been there, done that -- right?

I decided to be sure to get aerobic exercise by doing my 'neighborhood loop' before heading down to Freddies to pick up some groceries. Okay, but wasn't I thinking at all that I might actually get aerobic exercise just riding there and back? (grin)

Apparently not!

Anyway, as it's my plan to try to get some kind of meaningful exercise every day, I'm not sorry I did it. And there was no way to know in advance that there'd be an issue that blocked my way on Lombard (the main drag around here), so that I decided to take a winding and round-about way home that was longer still... (sigh)

Naturally I managed to jam my peddle at one point and cut open my lower leg in back in three spots! But of course! I'm planning to wear capris-length pants tomorrow for the Vista House reopening, so now those ugly cuts will show.

Oh well. The day is too sunny and pretty to let this bother me much! (grin) I'm now headed outside to take the winter cover off the air conditioner in the office. It's old and doesn't work all that well, but it's better than nothing. (And the front of the house gets mighty warm on hot days like today...)

I'm back!

Did I mention that the wonderful Tom (Marilyn's mistressmarilyn boyfriend) brought over another big box of Frito Lay goodies today? I haven't opened them yet (will wait for M.), but I can't wait! (Let there be many bags of Cheetos, which are my fave. I like the 'real' ones, but will also eat the baked, which are better for me...)

Marilyn's home and I'm sitting here sweaty from biking and climbing the ladder to take down the cover.

Anyway, more later. (Hopefully!)

I need a 'sweaty' icon. Or something like that... (smile)