April 25th, 2006

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Computer Update


My AVG Anti-virus software is currently running maintenance on my computer!

That was one of the softwares I had to install after the crash. But I forgot to set up maintenance for the middle of the night, rather than early morning! (Just one example of all the nonsense I have to go through to get this computer back where it was at the first of last week...)

Setting up Zone Alarm (free version) so it would work with our home network was another delight... (sigh) If you don't have the proper IP info listed, then you end up blocking your own network! Plus all my 'allow' and 'block' settings for every software was gone, so I had to put those in again, too. (Some I won't get in until one of my browsers tries to access the internet...)

Anyway, I've got Paint Shop Pro 7 installed now. (Thankfully!) I'd say I was done with my PSP installs, but I have an absolute slew of plugins to install now...

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The biggest accomplishment was getting my Netscape running again, seeing as that's my default email here at home! The bad news is that I lost all my emails for 2005 and 2006 (so far), which is a bummer! (All my LJ comments!!! Plus so many work-related emails and so on...) I've let go -- no choice, really -- but it still bugs me. Oh well. Moving on now!

At least I've got my Zuma back! (grin) Believe me when I say I have my priorities straight! Sort of works with one of my favorite sayings: Life is short -- eat dessert first!


Well, there's a bunch more software to load, so I'm back at it!

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Computer Update

False alarm time.

I got very (very) excited when I thought I was actually going to be able to recover much of my email from 2005 and 2006 that got dumped. But it wasn't meant to be, it appears... (sigh)

Anyway, I did recover around 50 odd emails... (smile) I guess that's better than nothing. (Not much better, but I may as well look on the bright side here!)

Will this make me more careful in the future? That's hard to say... I certainly hope it will! But if anyone had told me after the whole email mess back in 2005 that I'd be doing that again, I'd have called them crazy. So...

I'd rather not get my hopes up this way, but oh well.

Back to the computer! (smile)

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Doctor's Appointment next Tuesday

Yes, sister Sue, I finally made my doctor appointment! (grin)

(She's been nagging me for ages about it...)

I really need to have him take a look at this current outbreak of psoriasis. (It's mostly on the top of my right hand -- around the knuckles and wrist.) No, it's not a big deal -- certainly nothing to what many psoriasis suffers have to put up with! (And I don't have to glue my fingertips together or anything that drastic. Shuddering here...)

Plus it's not back on my eyelids (which I've had in past years). Actually, it's barely flared up at all. But, damn it, it hurts! So give me cream or something doctor...

(I need the appointment anyway, to get my meds renewed.)

It's for 9:30, Tuesday -- May 2. (Yes, in the a.m.!) I'll fast after midnight and until going in -- just in case they want a blood draw.)

So, I got a lot done today, actually -- including this! (smile)

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S-E-X? Or Romance? (grin)


He's very hot stuff, really. Okay, so I only know his first name (Ben) -- and I only met him a few hours ago.

So what?

So what if he was kissing me like mad? (And I do mean like mad.)

So what if he was embracing me and almost lifting me off the floor? (Yes, he's a tall guy. I like that.)

Hugs are a good thing, right?

Okay, so what if it went farther than that and he was even trying to lift my shirt off (???) at one point?

No -- I didn't let it go beyond that. And he was a gentleman and didn't press it. (Yes, he could have, had he wanted to. His arms are like tree trunks. He may have the most muscular arms I've ever had wrapped around me, frankly!)

Anyway, he'll be back tomorrow with his crew of men to work on our front flower beds (that run the length of the house), the walk leading up from the sidewalk and the front porch. (He has his own business and has actually been doing a ton of jobs around our neighborhood.)

By the way, he knocked $500 off the job -- "Just for you." (This said in a very sexy voice. Whew.)

When I told my neighbor-and-friend June about all this she quipped, "Were you wearing your new bra?" (Marilyn loved that! "Good one, June," was what she said when I shared with her...)


What I was wearing was a deep pink tee -- and my face was almost the same rosy color. I'm frankly torn between flattery and embarrassment. (Considering he's right around 15 years my junior...)

You know, life is always throwing surprises our way!

ETA: He phoned tonight to apologize. Obviously he was worried I might be upset... But then he wanted to come over here! (My friend June had predicted he'd try to drop by! I had to phone her and tell her how right she was!) I nixed that, though... (smile)