April 7th, 2006

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Wikipedia Birthday Meme (December 4)

Yes, I did the Wikipedia Birthday Meme! (Gacked from Marilyn mistressmarilyn and kellygreen and many others.) This is a great meme! You should all do it! (Yes, consider it an order!)

Wikipedia Birthday Meme
Go to Wikipedia. Type in your birthday (month and day). List three events, two births and one death.

Well, I guess I didn't read it too carefully! (yikes) I did three for everything -- 'events,' 'births,' 'deaths' -- plus 'holidays and observances'! (grin)

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Kittie Scarlett is meowing and trilling at my feet. Now she's rubbing against my ankles. Now she's climbed Marilyn's extended legs! (ouch) I've pulled her off and she's curled happily in my lap. She wanted some attention. (We were gone much of the day.)

I went back and added all Marilyn's LJ birthday greetings to my memories. (Fun to keep track of, I think.) I really, really need to catch up my Memories yet again!