April 5th, 2006

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Tuesday Night. (Already?)

Okay, I don't understand why my 'browse option' (preferred LJ 'Scheme') keeps defaulting back to XColibur, which I despise. (I'm not into the rollover navigation, frankly. And from what I've heard around LJ, I'm not the only one who feels that way!)

I asked about it and was told it was due to my cookies being wiped out. What total bull. I know a thing or three about cookies -- and this change takes place in the middle of one of my computer sessions when I haven't made a single change to anything. (Yes, that includes my cookies, thank you very much LJ!)

Anyway, that's no big thing to fix, so ignore me. It's a mild annoyance at best...

No, I didn't get my 'Sunday drive' entry finished today. In fact, I wasn't on the computer very much. I spent most of the day cleaning house, of all things. (smile) It needed it, believe me!

My little girl (Kittie Scarlett) was a huge help. Well, maybe not a huge help, but quite domestic! April used to like to 'help' with housework, too. Maybe it's a female cat thing. (Indy never did, though he enjoyed helping to make the beds!)

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Anyway, I need to get in for a haircut tomorrow, if possible. (She's great about taking me with no notice at all, if you can believe that! Not many women can get a same-day haircut at their salon.)

I'll try to load up those new photos of the kitty soon. And finish that Sunday drive entry, which will include some great pictures and links! (Seriously!)

Time for bed, though. I'm sore all over from working out yesterday, biking today and the cleaning. (sigh) But it's a good kind of sore! (grin)

EDIT: I wrote a 500-word drabble yesterday that I want to put up at our website. I'd hoped to make a banner for it today, but too, too busy! (Maybe tomorrow.) It turned out well, I think... ("Hart's War," which I love.)

charlie 2012 beige

Busy Day! A Hair Cut and more...

Yes, I got my hair appointment and hair cut. No, I didn't take off any length. I just had her work on the layers, then cut the top (and bangs). (I think she wanted to cut the bottom, but as she took too much off last time I wasn't going for that!)

Get this. She wanted to color my hair today! She'd decided it would be fun to add some lighter red streaks to my hair. At the tune of $65 (minimum), no less. I wasn't buying that, frankly. Way too expensive! (And my hair grows out so fast that it's just not worth it to me...)

Fun idea if I had endless amounts of money, I suppose. (smile) Though I told her I'd probably prefer dark maroon streaks, rather than light ones!

Sister Sue got her eyebrows waxed and hair set (curled with an iron) while we were there, so it took a lot longer than usual. (sigh) Oh well.

Before, Sue had suggested we go for coffee at Starbucks, which I was all over! But afterwards she preferred to go to lunch, which didn't interest me much.

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I did get my package for Sandy to the post office and mailed, finally! (About time. Yes, I know.)

And I finished vacuuming the living room this morning before leaving the house. With help from Scarlett, who was all over me every second. Sweetie! (grin) Sure, it takes much longer to do everything, but it's worth it to have a cat again.

Well, I finished the PSP7 version of the light texture tutorial.

Because of how version 7 works, I couldn't really begin to use the version 9 light texture tutorial I'd done previously. So I had to find a new and different way to get a similar effect. I did that without too much trouble and I liked the new version so much I actually went back and edited the tutorial at psp9_fun to add to it! (One version uses 'ripple' while the other uses 'wave.' In other words, they aren't that different, but the ripple version sucked used in PSP7...)

I need to get back to the script now, and work on the garbage and recycling. (Seeing as it's Wednesday.) My yard guy might not make it today. (He came a day late last week, too.) I would like the yard to look half-way decent for Easter, whatever happens...