March 30th, 2006

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Home by 7:00 on Wednesday (Yesterday)

I ran the dark meat from our chicken over to my neighbors at 7:00 p.m. on the nose, as a matter of fact, so we were home a bit before that. We were at work by 8:30, so that means we were there from 8:30 to (past) 6:30, making for a long day...

It was busy yesterday. Hectic. There was drama and there were annoyances.

Are you expecting me to rant about how miserable my life is, accordingly?

Sorry to disappoint anyone who was! As I told more than one person yesterday, 'life is good.' Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I took a short break and went for a ride in the car to get Starbuck's coffee and we both agreed that life is good. Very good.

I also told one of the Rosarians who dropped by and enquired if I was having a good day that every day is a good day. We have the power to make it so. He said he had to agreed -- after first noting that he liked my attitude! (smile)

Well, I'm heading to the gym any second now with friend June, so I'd better get ready! Oh my, it's a quarter to and I'm not dressed in gym togs yet...

I got my first batch of script entries yesterday, but no time to start on them! So that's what I'll be tackling here at home this afternoon.

Life is good. It's just very, very busy right now! (grin)

charlie 2012 beige

Parade Script, the Gym and Kittie Scarlett!

Well, I went to the gym with my friend and worked out for over an hour -- and, yes, I'm sore. (grin)

It was great to do those weight machines again! At first I just stood by one machine staring, trying to figure out how to use it. But as I moved from machine to machine it all came rushing back! I hunted around this morning for my weight machine book -- and my chart -- but couldn't find them. (Annoying.) As I told June, I always used to keep track of each machine and what amount of weight I used. (Plus how many reps I could do.) I'd carry it from machine to machine, every time I went.

Well, I know I saw it not long ago. I wish this house was more organized! (No wonder Marilyn mistressmarilyn gets so aggravated by not being able to find things... sigh...)

On the 'organization front,' I took two boxes, a bag and an old turntable to the Goodwill today! That's a start, anyway. I've also been tossing out things every week recently. Downsizing is a good thing. I don't know how it happened, but we have so much stuff everywhere!!! (grin)

I've officially started the parade script for this year today. I got the forms yesterday, but didn't have time to mess with them. (First I had to get the scanner working again, then I was scanning Centennial items all day long!) I'm glad to get going -- the sooner the better. (And the TV people always seem to want the script earlier and earlier every year... sigh...)

Yes, I finally! finished my bouncing text tutorial (for version 9). But I do want to take the time to convert it for version 7, as psp7_beginners is our largest community. Hopefully I'll get to that soon. (Conversion doesn't take too much time, really. Just some serious concentration not to miss steps that aren't the same...) Here's what I ended up with for the tutorial!
bounce icon sample

It is a clever effect, I have to admit...

Well, back to scripting the bands! (I wonder if this is all of them or not? Kristen had told me she didn't have them all, but yesterday Jenny came to see me and seemed to think I should have all of them. I need the band list!!!)

Also, I don't want to forget to share the latest photos of Kittie Scarlett!

New Photo of Scarlett

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Marilyn's birthday is fast approaching! I have a few little things, but hope to buy her "Brokeback Mountain" when it comes out.

Back to work!