March 27th, 2006

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Funerals and Whatnot...

Another funeral tomorrow.

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I easily created the 'PRFA Pictionary' cards that Marilyn mistressmarilyn wanted for tomorrow's staff meeting at work. As a morale builder they're skipping the normal meeting and playing Pictionary instead. Clever! All the words/phrases relate to the festival in some way.

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Just before leaving to go out to dinner (and then to the office to work), we discovered a bird had gotten trapped in our family room (downstairs) fireplace. (Yes, we're lucky to have two fireplaces in the house.)

Outside at Last!

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We bought the Bruce Willis movie "Tears of the Sun" at Wal-Mart on Saturday and watched it that night.

Tears of the Sun

We both adored the film! We watched almost the entire thing again last night! (Have I ever mentioned that I'm a huge Bruce Willis fan? I haven't? Well, I am!)

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What else?... Hm...

Yes, Marilyn and I got pedicures last Saturday, over at the shop at Jantzen Beach. They have eight chairs there, believe it or not! (Those things run around $3,000 per chair, so that's not something you see just everywhere.) We walked in and were taken immediately, without an appointment!

Instead of my normal gold (or copper or bronze), I actually got red this time! (With red glitter on top.) Marilyn got what I'd call a jewel color. (Not sure how to describe it. I need a picture of her toes!)

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The local weather forecast on Friday was for sunshine and 60 degrees this week, but it's since been changed. But even so, Marilyn and I wanted to be ready to wear open-toed shoes -- just in case! (grin)

Marilyn's boyfriend Tom left a huge box of Frito Lay products on the front porch today!!! (And I do mean huge!)

I opened it and was pleased to find bags of Baked Cheetos (Crunchy) inside! The baked ones aren't that easy to find, either! How sweet of him!

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Marilyn was pleased, as she can now take these to the 'special' staff meeting as a treat!!! (Good going, Tom!)

I need to run wash my hair!

One last note -- I'm working on a tutorial to explain how to do the 'bouncing text' effect, seen here:
Bouncing Text effect

It's not hard, but it takes a lot of steps to do it! (grin) It's a fun thing, though. (And I suspect it's a popular effect...)

That's it for now! (About time I updated, though...)