March 7th, 2006

sister marilyn

Marilyn in the Newspaper and on TV

I didn't want to forget to mention this, even though I've been bad lately about my journal!

Last Friday (March 3), Marilyn mistressmarilyn was quoted repeatedly in the paper. The article in question turned out to be excellent -- a great way to kick off media coverage for this festival!

In the afternoon she was interviewed for the news and did a great job. (Several people phoned to say they'd seen her and talk about how good she looked and what a wonderful job she'd done.) Admittedly she does TV quite a bit now. Far more than she used to do a decade ago. She's probably one of the best spokespeople for the organization. (If not the best.)

She's also been doing radio for years and years and is extremely experienced in all forms of public speaking. It's interesting that she never took speech or speech-related classes in either high school or college, as besides speaking herself, she often coaches others.

It's fascinating to discuss what it's like doing news interviews. You never know how they'll edit what you've said to get the spin they want.

Of course, the same is certainly true for the newspaper -- if not more so! (Mentioning that could get me off on my usual rant about the newspaper -- and how often what they report is blatantly incorrect. But I won't bother. I do find it fascinating how people tend to believe what they read in the paper, though! I can tell a close friend every detail of something and still they'll tend to say something like "...but the newspaper said..."

I'm kinder than I think they deserve and usually say that I figure around half of what's reported is the truth and/or accurate. I figure if they're wrong half of the time with PRFA that odds are that's true for everything else. (And they're wrong well over half the time, frankly!) (smile)

I was at work that day, by the way. I chatted up the reporter from the news show while we waited for Marilyn to come down from her office. (My current station at the office is located on the main floor, rather than upstairs. I was 'up front' talking to the receptionist and bolting my lunch before we headed out to our appointments, planning to leave by 2:00.)

After Marilyn did her news piece we went over for the selection of the first court member. We were rushing, as everyone else had left previously and we didn't want to be late! Marilyn found a new route there that worked out perfectly. We parked in back and entered through a door that put us right by the front of the stage, exactly where we needed to be! Talk about karma.

People there were delighted to have me attend, which always makes me feel good. (It's nice to be liked, I have to admit it.) Marilyn is lucky to work with such wonderful staff and volunteers who adore the hell out of her for the most part. (Okay, with a board that large there's bound to be a stinker or two, but all in all they're a good bunch!)

When the selection was over we headed to our meeting with Barry, the collector who has been sharing his memorabilia with us. We took along a gift for him and I was glad to have him show me some of his amazing antiques and other goodies. (No, we didn't sit down inside his house. He has cats that spray his furniture, which Marilyn found out the hard way after her last visit... But we were both impressed that he'd made a clear effort to 'pick up' for our visit. How sweet of him!)

Barry is a bit... um... different. But one of the interesting things in life is how as you get older you learn to appreciate the differences in people more and more. (Well, I guess some people don't change that way. My friend Phyllis used to say that some people just become 'more so' of whatever they were as younger people. But I feel very grateful I've ended up less judgemental over the years. Which is still happening, by the way.)

As we were driving away I couldn't help mentioning to Marilyn how Barry impresses me. He could be some geeky collector who sits alone in his house and hoades his things and doesn't interact with others. Instead, he went out of his way to contact the Association and offer to share what he has!

Plus, when he gets two of something he just gives us one -- and this isn't a man of monetary means we're speaking of here. Some of the items he's trusting us with are probably very valuable, by the way. It makes you wonder, I have to say. If I had a collection that was dear to me, would I trust strangers to borrow it?

I have a reputation for being a generous person, but it's not that easy to share the things that are seriously dear to my heart. Oh, I do try, though! (smile)

By the way, I love reading what Marilyn writes to Tom in her emails. She often copies me. He writes to her almost every single day, by the way. Of course Ed writes her frequently, too...

Well, it was about time I finished this entry! (grin)