March 3rd, 2006

charlie 2012 beige

At Work -- Thinking about an LJ Friend

If you're reading, Endurwen knightsarmatia, your cheeks should be burning! I was talking about you quite a bit today with my sister Sue...

I'm interested in discussing more about your surgery. I feel like I'm becoming an expert in some small way. Marilyn mistressmarilyn actually started to investigate this years back. And now that Sue's done it, I'm learning more all the time.

I mentioned your additional concern/health issue to Sue, who wondered how that would impact the exercise aspect of the after surgery treatment.

Anyway, I wonder if there's a support community here at LJ? Maybe we should start one up! (A thought, anyway.)

Typing from work as I wait to begin the painting project. I didn't bring my domain login info with me (!!!), so I couldn't upload images for my project. Annoying! But I'm in here again tomorrow, so I'll remedy that! (smile)

Fixed the printer issue with Sue's computer. She and daughter Candy share a printer via their home network.

Yes. I do know way more about home networks than I ever thought I'd know! To think I used to be very verbal about how stupid I thought they were! And now I seem to always be helping someone to set up one. (grin)

Looks like it's almost time to start. I'd better change into painting clothes now!