February 14th, 2006

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Yes. I know why Valentine's Day was created. Don't bother telling me! But I like it, anyway, thank you very much! (smile)

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Well, I thought I'd share some photos of the various decorations in our home, anyway. (You can click on the smaller image to see the full-sized one...)

Figurine small
This figurine sits on top of our TV cabinet/entertainment center.

kitchen heart small
Made with a heart of starched lace, this hangs over the kitchen table.

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Marilyn calls participating in arts and crafts being 'crafty' -- so it's become a joke in the family and among friends. In that vein, I guess you could say that I used to be quite crafty growing up. I probably got some of that from Mom, who loved to create things for the home and to give as gifts. It was great fun to actually put my hand to creating various decorations that we'll now be able to use in future years!

Finally, let me wish everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day. Even if you find the day a foolish one, I hope you'll accept my greeting in the spirit of friendship and love.

charlie 2012 beige

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A Flood in the Bathroom -- and Problems with the Furnace

On a less happy note than my earlier post about Valentine's Day, my bathroom flooded last night right before bed. (sigh)

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And yesterday the furnace did something really odd. It wouldn't fire when we turned up the thermostat, so I had to go and open the door that accesses the furnace -- a big pain -- and hit the reset button. Then the furnace began making a horrible sound and shuddering like mad. I hit the button again to try to turn it off. Eventually it just went off. Then it fired again, I guess in response to the thermostat.

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The upside to snow on Friday? Marilyn would get an automatic four-day weekend, rather than needing to take Friday off as a vacation day. (grin)

Damn! The furnace did it again! I wonder what the hell is the matter with it? (sigh) Our entire house smells of oil right now...