January 18th, 2006

sister sue

Sister Sue's Surgery -- Marilyn on TV and Radio

Our older sister Sue went in for her gastric bypass surgery today!

It was a tough go...

She had to be at the hospital early in the morning and was slated to be second on her surgeon's schedule, but it kept being postponed. She didn't get into surgery until 2:20 in the afternoon.

Then it took 3 hours.

But she made it through just fine! She's supposed to be settled in her room in another two hours, hopefully.

I can't wait to talk to her and see how she is...

The really good news is that they were able to do the surgery laparoscopically, which means less pain and a quicker recovery time. (They couldn't do that with either Marilyn or me when we had our hysterectomies...)

Looks like a year from now Sue will be able to actually do things with us again! Go for walks. Not need to sit in the car when we go to some place like Multnomah Falls! That will be such a happy change for all of us. I'm so happy for her!

The association made a major announcement today, so Marilyn did radio this morning and TV late this afternoon.

I just saw her television appearance on local news -- no small feat when you consider we live in the largest city in our state and the local news covers Oregon and a large portion of Washington, as well.

She didn't show any nerves when I spoke to her today, but I guess she's pretty used to all this after so many years doing it. Still, I was proud. She looked great and was very professional. She's just really good doing media appearances. (She's even had members of the media tell her so.)

Well, Christmas is finally over at our house! Cousin Linda was finally able to get out yesterday for lunch and a visit. (She'd asked us to leave the tree up so she could see it, and we decided it wouldn't matter that much. It seemed like a small thing to do for Linda.)

She enjoyed the lunch I fixed and her birthday gifts. Considering her birthday was last September, it was about time she got them! Linda and I reasoned out that we hadn't physically seen one another since last Rose Festival. Our goal this year is to get together more often.

We also gave her several Christmas gifts in her stocking. Yes, we didn't really give gifts this year, due to our financial cut-back. But we made exceptions for stocking stuffers for both Linda and Shari, who wouldn't really get many gifts otherwise. (And, yes, some of those gifts weren't really stocking stuffer gifts, but what the hell...)

Anyway, we had a lovely visit and Linda left here almost buried by clothing, presents, cookies and a bottle of wine.

So today I took down all the decorations in the kitchen and living room and got all the ornaments off the tree and carefully packed away.

It's the end of January and Christmas is finally done. (smile)