January 14th, 2006

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A Busy Week, a Funeral and Many Dreams Later...

It's been a very busy week! (And I've been somewhat ill again, unfortunately. But that's the breaks, as they say...)

Regardless, a lot was accomplished both at home and at work. The new treadmill is in the downstairs family room! The old one is behind the love seat in the living room. (I need to call the man who said he wanted it, as he'd told me he was picking it up yesterday...)

At 3:00 today we'll be attending the funeral of the father of a dear friend. So many of our friends have lost parents recently. There's something about this time of year. We used to always say that if you just get them through the winter, they'd be better when the sun was shining again.

January 6 was Little Christmas. Also our long dead grandmother Elsie's birthday. And the sixth anniversary of the day our mother passed away. So we can certainly relate to the loss of parents.

But everyone dies. What's interesting is to see how different people deal with death. Loss isn't easy for anyone, yet some people have such dignity with the way they face it.

On another only vaguely related note, I had two dreams about my cat Indy last night. In one dream I was lying down and he was lying comfortably on my chest and I was petting him. I could feel his long, fluffy fur under my fingertips when I awoke. It was very realistic. (Not a single day passes that I don't still think about Indy.) The other dream included Colin Farrell, who was talking to Indy in a very masculine, boy to boy sort of fashion. (smile) Not sure how Colin and Indy ended up in the same dream, but it was a good one. (Needless to say?)

Actually, I had several dreams that included Colin last night. I don't remember if I've ever dreamt so realistically about him in the past. Anyway, I could go for another round of Colin dreams any night in the future. (grin)

Dreams are such marvelous things. I've come to a whole new appreciation dreaming during the last year or so. I don't even mind having nightmares, to be honest. Often I'm as fascinated by a nightmare as I am any other dream. Thankfully I still have vivid dreams and usually remember them. (Or at least part of them.) I've know many people who seemed to stop dreaming around my age. (Which probably means that they do dream, but they can't remember dreaming. I've been fascinated by sleep studies for several decades...)

Is it sad that I actually had a sympathy card in the house for 'the loss of your father'? We need to leave soon, as we want to go get the car washed before heading to the funeral.