January 10th, 2006

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New Year, 2006 -- Time is Flying!

So where did the first week (plus) of the new year go?! I can't believe today is January 10.

It's around 7:30 a.m. here and I actually got up late today. Marilyn mistressmarilyn is making her 'movie pitch' this morning for the Association board, among many other agenda items she is personally responsible for. Fortunately Marilyn is an excellent public speaker who feels no qualms about facing a large room full of people. I'm sure she'll do her usual great job. (I'm very excited to hear how it goes!)

As for me, I have several resolutions for this year that I've been putting into effect, so I suppose that accounts for some of where the time has gone.

First, I've resolved to be more social this year. I have such a large circle of friends, but I don't always interact with them as often as I might like.

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I've also started my health and fitness program, geared toward losing some weight and getting in better shape. I can't see myself in training for a half-marathon like Marilyn, but I used to love to run. And I do like taking part in organized walks. (I only did one in 2005.) I've got a borderline issue with cholesterol that I've been addressing for several months. My previous doctor wanted to treat it with medication, but my current doctor and I see eye to eye on this one! We're trying to treat it with diet and exercise, instead. (I'm not a big fan of taking pills as a solution for health problems, personally.)

Then there's my on-going dental issues. (grin)

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I can't begin to count how many people I've brought to Mary the last several years. She lost a lot of business when the local bridge was closed for upgrading, so she's been very thankful. While that's nice, I was glad to encourage friends to go to her. She's friendly and warm and very careful to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Besides, she does good work! I've heard so many people speak of how she fixed a bad dental job done by someone else...

Next, it looks like I'll be putting in more hours at the Association this year. The staff is bare bones now, so they could use the help. I don't see why I can't do this and still manage to do the script with no problem. I'm free (as a volunteer), so they can't beat the price! (And considering the staff cuts and financial woes, they need that right now.) I can commute with Marilyn, so that works out fine.

We'll see how it goes in the next week or so, I suppose.

Finally, I'm on a mission to get this house more organized.

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The neighbors were very generous with goodies this year. I shared those around with others to keep us from being tempted. We're both eating healthy right now. My personal diet was improved by being sick yet again. (sigh) I'm struggling with this cycle of constant colds and flu that seem to hit me now in the fall and hang on during the winter. Regardless, they don't keep me from being busy and being happy! And I'm not about to sneeze at the recent weight loss, which is a good thing. (grin) Yes, pun intended! I'd love to be back on allergy meds the way I used to be. I think my allergies are what cause me to be vulnerable to the other illnesses, but my insurance no longer covers the expensive meds. Damn. And we live in a state where it's impossible to get most medication for colds over the counter! Ridiculous.

Did I mention that I'd like to finish my NaNo novel sometime soon? Or is that foolish of me to even consider before the Season ends (and summer begins)? Anyway, it is on my list!


Belated Birthday Greetings!

This is what happens when I'm not at LiveJournal for more than a week. (grin) I end up missing a couple of my friends' birthdays!

Greetings to both Evamaria shirasade (Jan. 5) and Milo milo_hunt!

Happy Birthday, Evamaria and Milo!!!

I hope you both had great days. And that you'll have great years in 2006.

(I think I missed some other birthdays in December, but oh well...)

Joey's fatjoey birthday is coming up this weekend. (smile) I wonder if we could get him a man for his birthday?

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Brokeback Mountain (plus meme)

Edit: I heard from Marilyn and her presentation went really well! That's very good news!!!

So, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I were watching some award show coverage on TV last night, and they mentioned that there were protesters there, based on "Brokeback Mountain." We couldn't help wondering if that means there will be protesters at every show where Brokeback is up for an award...

Isn't that sad?

If you don't like gays and the gay lifestyle, how about just keeping it to yourself? Not an option? (sigh)

It reminds me how I was again thinking about the strange thing in slash fandom where it's clear that many straight women don't really like gay men. (And most slash is written by straight women, for the record.) I've always found that a disturbing thing that I can't account for. Odd, isn't it?

Well, getting back to Brokeback, I gacked a meme from niniel_amaya...

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Well, I need some coffee and quit spamming my LJ. I've actually got a ton of work to do today!