December 24th, 2005

snow, let it snow

It's Christmas Eve!

We just had our 'traditional' Christmas Eve dinner -- one that harkens back to our childhood. (I could sense Mom and Dad smiling down as we ate. Smile.) Chinese take-out. I've been craving it like my mad, so was delighted to have it. (Even if the MSG is already getting to me!)

Sister Sue joined us for dinner. She was heading with her daughter Candy and granddaugter Nicole over to her son's house shortly after.

Leaving Marilyn mistressmarilyn and me free to enjoy our evening alone. Perfect!

We've got the TV on with Christmas movies and have been playing computer games. Fun, fun! Neighbors have been dropping by with annual goodies.

We're also watching the house next door for good friends June (and husband Jim) who have headed to Bend for Christmas with June's daughter and family. We'll keep an eye on things and feed the outdoor cats. (Momma cat and three kittens that are easily as big as she is, now!) Can't get near them, as they're just like wild animals, but that's okay...

We went to see "Brokeback Mountain" last night. It was excellent. It sticks so closely to the short story, which I always find pretty amazing. The acting is first rate, the scenery is gorgeous, the directing and editing was good. I don't have a single complaint. (I think I might wait to go into more detail, considering it's still not out in wide release and many have yet to see it.) I think everybody knows it's a sad film, so I won't be 'spoiling' anyone to say it was a sad story.

As I love horses and riding, I was especially impressed by how the two leads managed with the riding! (I always tend to make note of how good actors are on horseback...)

I'm distracted, so I'll write more later... (grin)