November 21st, 2005

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NaNo Update (Sunday)

This is my official Sunday update for NaNoWriMo. (Yes, I am aware it's being posted on Monday. But it's not even 2 a.m. yet, so for me it's still Sunday night. Got that? smile.)

As I mentioned in my last update, I awoke from a nap after having some bad nightmares, inspiring more of my novel! (grin) So I knocked off 1,597 words... (Not what I planned, but I'll take it!)

So my current total is:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
28,411 / 50,000

Yes, I'd hoped to be to 30,000 by Monday morning, but I'm fine with this. If I didn't want to head to bed, I could easily knock off several thousand right now. Inspiration is everything! (smile)

Anyway, it's going well.

I also started my other novel I want to write. ("The Last Cat," is what I'm calling that one.) I doubt I'll write much more on it for now, but I started it!

Time for bed...

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Yawn... It's Monday Morning!

It's just past 8 a.m. on Monday morning...

Which doesn't seem early to me normally. (Nor probably to any of you.) But we were awake until 4 a.m. (at least), so I'm a little tired right now...

But my brain is CHURNING with NaNoWriMo novel 'notes' -- so I needed to get up and type out a few things, sleepy or no!

It's quite foggy this morning! You can even smell the fog inside the house. (The way you can on some mornings...)

I think I've got my novel 'timeline' down now! I just need to type it up. (That's good news.)

I answered at least ONE of my 'questions' I did last week, too. (Now if only I'd answered more. All? Oh well. smile.)

Thanks to all of you who've written me encouraging NaNo comments. I keep meaning to answer you, but I seem to be scatter-brained about anything that's not NaNo related!

I'm glancing at my middle-of-the-night notes (well, more like early morning notes, I guess) and am smiling at how scrawled they are! But at least I can read them. I'd better type them up, just the same.

Happy Monday to all my friends!

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June and Jim -- LJ Styles -- Nap Time?

June had left us a message on the answering machine that we got after getting back from the beach and grocery shopping last night. She said she was alone for the night, so we both immediately assumed Jim was in the hospital!

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It's basically a terrible mess. Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I are very worried!

So I actually posted to an S2 community about changing my archive view. (I use the lovely Flexible Squares -- and I wanted to view my calendar/archive in reverse order. Newer months first, in other words.) I did that yesterday, and awoke this morning to a suggestion.

Which I excitedly followed!

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I need a nap. I'll have to write on my novel later...

At least I wrote down some notes!