November 20th, 2005

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NaNo Update (for Saturday -- #2)

No, this isn't my Sunday update, because I haven't written a word yet today. (sigh)

This was supposed to be entered yesterday, but I never quite got around to it. (smile)

I wrote another 1,245 words. That made a total of 2,138 for the day. And a grand total of:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
26,814 / 50,000

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I drove to the coast today. (Which we usually call 'driving to The Beach' -- yes, I do imagine the capital letters in place. LOL.) It was a lovely trip! The "Lewis and Clark" traveling exhibit just happened to be in Seaside -- where we just happened to decide to go (selecting between Seaside and Cannon Beach)! Happy coincidences! So we got to tour the exhibit -- and as we're big Lewis & Clark fans, that was delightful!

We also played Fascination (Marilyn has a chapter in her NaNo novel that speaks of Fascination, which we've been playing since childhood). And we were winning like mad! (There are times we go when we can't win for the world...)

We listened to "Now 20" riding both down and back. Fun, fun!

I did come home tired, with a touch of a sore throat and ear ache and cranky as hell. So I took a long nap after we ate. Just got up, as a matter of fact.

Why am I mentioning the nap???

Because I had several bad nightmares from being too warm. And these will impact my next NaNo part!!! Hurray! Which means this is the third time a dream has helped me with NaNo. (Starting with my entire concept for my NaNo novel to begin with.

On that note, time to go write on my novel. (I'm falling behind!!!!!!!!!!)