November 8th, 2005

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LJ Friends versus 'Friends'

God, I'm slow! I'm not quite sure why it's taken me so long to 'get it.' LOL.

Have any of you ever been 'friended' by someone you didn't know -- and you couldn't figure out 'why' they'd want to friend you at all?

Do any of you ever struggle with the whole issue of 'LJ Etiquette' regarding how you should friend?

Well, I've been there. And it's so damn stupid of me! (smile)

It all goes back to the word 'friend' being applied...

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Anyway, I hereby swear that in the future I'll be less sensitive about the whole issue of friending and unfriending. From now on I'm going to think, 'Well, that person must have decided to change their bookmarks at LJ -- no big deal.' I suspect that's often exactly what's going on, too. (grin)

It's interesting to realize how easily we turn blogging here at LJ into social interaction. I adore commenting to my friends! (See, I'm back to the concept of 'LJ Friend' as friend again! Hard not to think like that!)

charlie 2012 beige


I finally 'get' the (new) Schools feature. (Thanks, Marilyn mistressmarilyn!)

I originally thought it referred only to people who were currently attending school! (Silly me.) But after all, the majority of the people who blog at LiveJournal fall between the ages of 14 and 25! (Those fools who are my age amount to well under 2,000 users -- or 1,827 currently, to be exact. Obviously most 52-year-olds aren't into blogging. At least not at LiveJournal!)

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Oh! And on a totally unrelated subject (smile), do any of you ever bother to use the 'spell check' here at the LJ website? (Built into Update, that is.) It doesn't find the word 'blogging'... (Excuse me if I find that strange!)