November 7th, 2005

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Random Update...

Why random? Because I haven't posted since November 3rd! (smile)

Collapse )Well, I need to post more regularly, when time will allow. I just seem to have so much to do these days!

I hope all of my friends are happy and enjoying Autumn (heading-toward-winter)... I do try to READ your blogs, even when I don't get to commenting. (My bad!)

I miss some of my long-time online friends, though! I need to write and NAG several of them. It's been wonderful to see Michael michaelkillan get active here, though. And it now looks like some online friends I've gotten to know more recently want to try to get into the swing here at LJ. That's always a good thing!

Forgot to mention that we bought "Revenge of the Sith." We love that movie! We've been enjoying watching it...