November 1st, 2005

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NaNoWriMo -- We're Off and Running!

Both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have started our novels! She did 864 words, and I did 731. (It's just past 1:30 am here.)

We're so excited, now that it's actually time to start writing! Whee!

I've been thinking about my novel for days now. Which is hard, as I didn't even jot any notes. No cheating allowed, after all! The only thing I did was send sort of a very vague, basic description to sister Sue in an email, where I mentioned that I'd named a character after her... (It was a few sentences, I guess. smile.)

Anyway, Marilyn works tomorrow through Thursday -- another bruising week, I'm sure! (Especially after taking today off -- and starting her four-day-work-week schedule this week. Can't WAIT for her to have Friday off!!!)

By the way, it was simple jotting down those few hundred words. (Needless to say, I'm sure, to those of you who grind out fic all the time. LOL.)

What a nasty day! And now it's pouring down rain outside yet again. Ugh. I can hear the rain pounding outside our office window. (The wind both last night and much of today was just whipping around and knocking things crazy outside.)

Of course, it's just the usual for Portland. I'm not complaining, mind you! I know when I've got it good. Marilyn and I realize how fortunate we are to live here in the Pacific Northwest. The weather is basically mild all year round. And we almost never deal with any type of storms, to speak of. Well, a few rain storms, now and then...

I'm still worried for our friends who live in the hard-hit Southern states -- and in Florida! Awful what they've all been through...

We start our 'new' version of our internet service as of today (November 1). I hope it's not too damned slow, or we'll have to FIX that, pronto!

(Belated Happy Halloween to all!)

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Political Blogs (U.S. Style)

Denny Hastert has a Blog...

Read the blog of Denny Hastert, the current Speaker of the House of Representatives. (Because it's always good to know what the 'other side' is up to!)

And just to be fair, let's also blog Democratic-style.

What this mainly shows, I think, is that both parties are SMART ENOUGH to see the power of blogging -- and the blogging audience!

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Food Meme

Tagging ALL my flist to answer this! (It only takes a couple of minutes.)

A FOOD meme to share...

This is easy! Just bold any items that you've eaten. (Yes, a bite counts!)
Feel free to comment after each item, if you wish...

1. Fresh fish
2. Lobster
3. Steak
4. Thai food
5. Chinese food

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