October 5th, 2005

charlie 2012 beige

RP Fanfic Slammers -- Unite?

My God, people are at it yet again! I get so damned tired of the constant, on-going crap!

Okay, please feel free to tell me not to read a bunch of self-important fandom entries in the future. I could certainly save myself some amount of annoyance and grief. (grin) And save you from reading my drivel...

I'd certainly think in the fandom world-at-large that involves fanfic as a major element that the fen could find some way to be more TOLERANT toward one another. (But this has been my personal on-going litany for several decades. Clearly I never learn!)

If you don't care for RP fanfic, don't read. I've yet to see a military force with batons or guns that's herding people to computers (or zines) and forcing them to read any given type of fic. Have you?

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