August 29th, 2005

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Death Watch for April, Our Beloved Cat

We're on 'death watch' today for April...

I wish the weather could have cooperated with us. She wants to be outside so bad! Actually, she is out right now on the deck, but it's getting darker and more ominious by the minute and will probably pour rain soon. We wanted her to be able to lie in the sunshine one more time.

She took a bad turn last night. She seemed pretty good the end of last week and was eating a bit better.

In fact, she ate well last night, too! But threw it all up on a little rug this morning. All she can seem to keep down right now is milk. At least she's been drinking quite a bit of that today.

Marilyn saw her pee behind the deck in the barkdust, too.

She's walking sideways, though. Her hind quarters seem to be failing now. She seems very weak and has labored breathing. We'd like her to just go to sleep and die here at home. But Dr. McCoy called around an hour ago and said if we needed to we could get her in today and he'd put her down.

We just don't want her to suffer, of course. It's hard to decide...

I'd like to keep her home. We've had many a cat put down, though.

Sister Sue came over to say goodbye and April sat patiently next to her on the sofa for ages! June (friend and next-door neighbor) came over to say goodbye as well. It was killing June, who was remembering her own loss of her cat Spooky, back in March. She didn't stay long and wept a lot.

More later.