August 22nd, 2005

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Fandom Reflections -- Craziness in Fandom

Note: I've been thinking for some time that I should do a series of 'fandom reflections.' When you've been wrapped up and involved in fandom as long as I have, you find you want to share those experiences with your friends. But mostly it would be nice to have some kind of written record about all the smiles and tears that fandom has given me -- that I can look back on and read from time to time. (smile)

(Originally started on August 14. Finished today, August 22.)

Yes -- all this recent business brought on in "Harry Potter" fandom by the release of the latest book is without question mind-boggling. I won't even try to describe the vast amount of fen insanity, as so many others have already done this in amazing detail. (But there's a lot of hate being generated, that's for sure! Very unfortunate.)

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Which brings me to Marilyn's and my new favorite fandom, "S.W.A.T." -- specifically the slash pairing of Gamble/Street!

What wonderful fen that fandom has! So far I've yet to meet what I'd define as a bad-type-crazy fan in this interesting group of disparate people.

(For more on said fandom, be sure to read Marilyn's 'Gamble/Street' manifesto, (IR)RECONCILABLE PARTNERS.)

Craziness? As I've said, I was there for the beginning of slash fandom -- so I can tell you a thing or two about the crazies!

(Or we could talk paranoia -- which was rampant in the early slash days -- but that's probably a whole different topic...)

Maybe we need those crazy people, anyway. Who can say? Some days I find it helps me to better appreciate all the really warm, welcoming and supportive fen all around me!

I've personally been really very lucky to know many wonderful fen! Yes, it's true that I was a 'Fan Guest of Honor' (along with Marilyn) at a large convention held in Louisiana. And that I once helped run a con, aside from the many, many cons I've attended. Yes, I've also been published in zines and have received letters (we called them LoCs) from appreciative readers. All this aside from the online world, which has been equally warm to me as a member, moderator, writer and feedbacker.

Don't get me started this time around about feedbacking! I had a well-known online author once say I was her favorite all-time feedbacker -- and I she used to get more feedback than I could ever imagine a person receiving! It was too flattering for words, if I'm being honest! But I've also been told I was a 'bad' feedbacker -- but I'll try to keep in mind what fandom I was playing in at the time. (smile) (And, yes, we're back to the A/L fandom here, I'm afraid...)

Well, in spite of crazy fans, I continue to love fandom. And the fen I've met! So many wonderful (And that's a list I could never finish compiling...)
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Finished It -- "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"

Actually, I finished it several days back, but never posted about it.

I finally understand what all the fuss is about in HP fandom. That book was... well... awful.

Okay, maybe awful is strong. It's not necessarily written any worse than Rowling's previous HP books. But as a woman who has been single my entire life -- by choice, mind you -- I found all the pairing up especially annoying and offensive. (Obviously in the HP world a woman must have a man to make her life complete. Yes, that is me retching that you hear right now! With no offense to any friends who have made the decision to be in a male/female commitment, mind you...)

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My book from Sue about nuns who eventually left their order was far more entertaining and satisfying, I'm afraid. What a disappointment!