June 30th, 2005

no way--harry

Memories, Anyone? Well, No. They're Down Again. (sigh)

Can anyone say when our memories feature will be 'back up' again?

About the only thing I've done here lately is try to update the memories of some of the communities I moderate. But it's just a bitch when you can't access them!

It's especially essential to a community to have memories available. (sigh) We're always referring our members to these...

Also, I can't help wondering if the LJ admin focuses on paid journals above non-paid when it comes to memories. (My personal memories are down, too -- and I have a paid journal.) If we knew that to be the case, we could always encourage members to help purchase paid time for our communities!

Hm. I don't really know where to take these questions on an official basis, though... (sigh)

So I guess this is just me bitching. Again.



A New Baby Soon!

Friends Brian brn_gamble and Jim just_jimbo (who are a couple, for those who don't know them) are happily awaiting the birth of their baby daughter, Katie, as we speak. Jim posted here to say Kathy (their surrogate mother) was in labor!

Brian and Jim are remarkable people. Very responsible men, spouses and parents. (They already have a son, Chad, who turns five tomorrow!)

In light of Spain's news today (legalizing gay/lesbian marriage), I wish these two were also able to have a legal union...

Hopefully some time soon! (Why is the U.S. so backward when sex is involved?)

Anyway, many congratulations to this family unit!

And for those of my LJ friends who haven't 'met' either Brian or Jim, they're delightful guys -- and tons of online fun, too. (They both write fanfic -- and both were involved in the project Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I tackled in May, trying to produce a fandom definition list to use at various Yahoo! groups lists and communities where we play...)

I really can't wait to hear the news!!!