April 28th, 2005

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Aaron Carter on '20/20' Tonight!

Don't miss watching for Aaron on '20/20' tonight. I think it should prove interesting!

Fame Comes at a Cost for Nick and Aaron Carter
Stardom, Wealth Tore Apart Teen Idols' Family

Apr. 28, 2005 - Fame and success can bring money, but it also can bring pain and -- as it did with Nick and Aaron Carter -- it can tear apart a family.

Watch '20/20's' full report on the Carters, Jaimee Foxworth and LeAnn Rimes, tonight at 10 p.m.

When their family was young, Jane and Bob Carter lived out of a van. But their sons' stardom carried the family from a hand-to-mouth existence to wealth and comfort on a 17-acre compound in the Florida Keys.

Nick Carter, now 25, enjoyed years of stardom as a member of the multi-platinum group the Backstreet Boys. His younger brother, Aaron, now 17, got his break when he opened for the Backstreet Boys at a 1997 concert in Germany.

The boys' success was a tribute to their talent, but it was also a tribute to the tireless persistence of their mother and manager, Jane Carter.

"I sacrificed my whole entire life for that child and for the other child for the sake of that family. I made sacrifices every day. I was willing to do it for them. For the family," she told "20/20."

Jane's sacrifices paid off, but the great wealth and fame that accompanied the boys' success took a heavy toll on the family.

Starved for a Mother -- Not a Manager

Nick and Aaron Carter said they had to cut their mother out of their lives because she insisted on acting like a boss instead of a mom. "I think, mainly what we're saying now, is that we were starved for that attention, of a motherly figure," Nick told "20/20."

"Sometimes I would just stop and I would be like, "Mom, why can't we just fight about, you know, me being a teenager, and me growing up?" Aaron said.

Family tensions heightened in 1998. Jane had spent nine months traveling the world to make 10-year-old Aaron a star, and both boys had hits. However, things weren't as sunny at home. According to Bob Carter, the couple's three daughters were increasingly resentful of their mother's focus on the high-earning sons.

"The other kids used to call Nick the 'cash cow.' And when Nick grew up ... Aaron was the cash cow. 'Oh, mom only likes the cash cow.' This is what the girls would say," Bob Carter said.

By 2003, Jane and Bob Carter had separated. Aaron lived with his mom, but decided one day to visit his dad, who he hadn't spoken with in eight months. He said his dad showed him documents that convinced him his mother hadn't paid him the money he was owed.

"Every show we did, we would probably make about maybe $40,000, $50,000 a show. And it was all gone," Aaron said.

Jane told "20/20" a different story. She points out Aaron and Bob signed a document stating that she did not mishandle Aaron's money. She described a family that was over-extended, with children who had lavish spending habits and a husband who was buying boats, tractors, tour buses and cars.

'The Price of Fame'

Jane Carter's epic story of personal and professional heartbreak came to a humiliating climax on the night of Jan. 13, 2004, when she broke into the home she once shared with her husband and kids. That night she found her estranged husband in bed with his soon-to be fiancée, Ginger Elrod.
After throwing a remote control at Elrod's head, Aaron phoned 911 and Jane was taken into custody on a charge of battery.

After the humiliation of her arrest, Jane tried to move on. The charges against her were dropped and Jane moved back to Tampa, Fla., but the pain between the mother and her sons wasn't over just yet. Earlier this year, the National Enquirer ran photos of Aaron getting high when he was 15 years old.

"I wasn't a bit surprised. I just knew it was a matter of time before they were going to be foolish enough to get caught doing what they were doing," Jane said. Jane claims that she caught Aaron with a bag of marijuana at a show during the Hawaiian Tropics Pageant.

"Being young sometimes, you know, you try things, and sometimes you don't like it. But, for me, you know, I know that I've made mistakes. And everybody learns from their mistakes," Aaron said. Although he has distanced himself from his mother, Aaron still struggles with the situation.

"It hurts. A mother doesn't go on TV and trash her son," Aaron said. "I just want her to love me, you know? I just want her to be my mom. Is that too much to ask for?"

Bob Carter has his own take on his wife's motives. "She's broke. And she's using Aaron and me and everybody else to stir up publicity so that she can sell a book of lies," he said. Jane says her new book will be called "The Price of Fame."

"This has been not just Aaron and Nick's life, this has been my entire life. And I have a right to talk about my life," Jane said.

Jane tells "20/20" she is estranged from four of her five children, but is still close with 18-year-old Leslie Carter, who has also written and recorded songs. And, yes, Jane is her manager as well.

But Jane is optimistic that the mother-daughter business relationship will work. "It's different, because I don't have that stress of the bad relationship. And that's all behind me now. So it's going to be fun this time," Jane said.

However, Aaron has some advice for his sister, "My advice to you would be, Don't let mom manage you."

With a new single out, Aaron is continuing to pursue his music career. This December, he will turn 18 and gain access to a trust estimated at $5 million. He says he's grateful for the love and discipline his father has brought to his life.

Jane, in turn, has her own dreams for the future. They're rooted in the hard lessons of her past. "I can say, that I learned something positive out of this whole thing. It taught me a really big lesson, that all the material things in the world are not important compared to the amount of time that you can spend with your children."


I was actually looking for news on BSB. (smile)
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The BOYS Are Back in Town!!!

Does it just kill NSYNC fans to see BSB performing again? And with a new single (and video) out?

Okay, yes -- I, too, am an NSYNC fan -- albeit less than I am an BSB fan. I guess all the crap NSYNC fans always seem to put off on BSB fans makes me relate a lot less to that fandom. (grin)

Concert Review: Backstreet Boys
Thu Mar 31, 2005 06:30 PM ET

By Joshua Klein
CHICAGO (Billboard) - The screaming began before the Backstreet Boys hit the stage.

The audience, overwhelmingly female and ranging from preteens to adults, screamed every time the tour DJ played something they liked, the floor of the capacity House of Blues undulating with anticipation. But they saved their biggest scream for a song by Justin Timberlake, the breakout star of erstwhile Backstreet Boys rivals 'N Sync.

Does this mean the Backstreet Boys had given up? Had they finally conceded that their pop fluff was inferior to 'N Sync's, that they performed a different role in the pop market, a safe, reliable role consciously at odds with the more outre and trendy stylings exemplified by Timberlake and his cohort JC Chasez?

Indeed, when the Backstreet Boys hit the stage, dressed in their matching white suits, it seemed as if the last several years of pop music hadn't happened. The five Backstreet Boys performed all their instantly recognizable hits, also instantly dated to an innocent time and place when the stock market only went up, Americans felt safe at home, no wars were on the horizon, and boy bands roamed -- and ruled -- the Earth.

Of course, the cozy House of Blues is a far cry from past Backstreet Boys performance peaks; at their apex these guys were filling stadiums. Clearly the BSB could still play a much larger venue if they wanted to, but after almost five years off they felt a club tour was in order to dust off the cobwebs. Even automatons need to loosen up a little once in a while.

And loose they were. Shooting grins at one another, laughing and generally playing it very casual, these Boys (now very much men: some married, most tattooed, one out of rehab) seemed both refreshed and slightly aware of the silliness of their repertoire. Even the modern-day standard "I Want It That Way" was hardly sung with a straight face, and other ballads such as "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely" and "The Shape of My Heart" came across as somewhat generic.

Whenever the Backstreet Boys tried to inject some personality into the songs, their limitations became much more apparent. As singers the group should stick to harmonies, especially because in a club the flaws of their shaky voices were all too obvious. Nick Carter, relishing his position as the group's new bad boy now that A.J. McLean is clean and sober, was particularly sloppy, spoiled by the adoration he nonetheless received by the crowd, while Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough and Kevin Richardson embraced their carefully conditioned blandness to an anonymous degree.

Not that the fans cared -- and there still are plenty of Backstreet Boys fans. They cheered nearly as loudly for a handful of new songs as they did for "Larger Than Life" and "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)." Then again, in many ways the new songs were largely indistinguishable from the old. Only time will tell whether that will help or hurt the Backstreet Boys as they try to smile and sway their way into the hearts of a new generation of music buyers.

[see story here]

Crappy review, but whatever. That's nothing new!

At least the Boys are back!!!

I wish they'd end up playing Vegas this summer (seeing as we're going back then)...

Joshua Klein clearly doesn't 'get' it! (grin)
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Meme Warning! 'Meaning of Birth Date'

In a word?


But so close!


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I wish I were more 'rational and conscious of details,' frankly. (Marilyn mistressmarilyn is the truly logical member of our family -- and always has been.)

And me, repressed? Oh, that's rich! I'm so out there it isn't funny. I'll share my feelings with anyone, including strangers. (My sister Sue always says that I don't know any strangers.)

Well, what can I say? They're still fun to try! (grin)

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New Friends!

Welcome to my new friends, Brian brn_gamble and Jim just_jimbo.

Yes, I actually got to know them via Yahoo! Groups. (Brian writes "S.W.A.T." and Alexander the Great fic.)

Oh! And via the Nasty list (at Y!G), too. They both moderate there -- and Jim posted an interesting (and well-written) fic there...

Glad to see them here at LJ, anyway! (smile)

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the boys--2004

Backstreet's 'Never Gone' Due in June (etc.)

Okay, deal with it! It's time to start hearing a lot of stuff about the Boys!

They're back, babies!!! (grin)

Backstreet's 'Never Gone' Due in June
Thu Apr 14, 2005 10:14 AM ET

By Barry A. Jeckell
NEW YORK (Billboard) - As U.S. pop radio stations begin to embrace the Backstreet Boys single "Incomplete," Jive Records has set June 14 as the release date for the vocal group's fourth studio album, "Never Gone."

The new album features the writing and production talents of Five For Fighting's John Ondrasik, Savage Garden's Darren Hayes, Max Martin (Kelly Clarkson), Billy Mann (Pink, Sting), Dan Muckala (Jump5, the Afters) and John Fields (Switchfoot), as well as John Shanks, who in February won the Grammy Award as producer of the year for his work on releases by Sheryl Crow, Clarkson, Hilary Duff and Ashlee Simpson.

The album's title track was co-written by Backstreet member Kevin Richardson as a tribute to his father. The cut was produced by Mark Taylor, whose resume includes work with Britney Spears, Cher, and Celine Dion. He also contributed to "Now or Never," 2002 the Jive solo album released by Backstreet's Nick Carter.

"Incomplete" is off to a strong start in its first week at U.S. radio outlets. The track debuts this week at No. 55 on Billboard's Hot 100, and jumps 90-27 on the Pop 100 thanks to the infusion of digital sales. On Billboard's Hot Digital Songs list, it opens at No. 30.

A video for "Incomplete" was recently shot with director Joseph Kahn, who was behind the lens for U2's "Elevation" and Britney Spears' "Toxic" clips. Fans will get a first peek at it April 25 online via AOL Music's "First View" program.

The Backstreet Boys are nearing the end of a club and theater tour and will wrap April 18 in Norfolk, Va. Details of a summer tour due to launch in mid-July and play larger venues have not yet been released.

Prior to that run, expect to see the group on television quite a bit, with performances lined up on NBC's "Today" (June 10), the syndicated "Live With Regis & Kelly (June 14), NBC's "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (June 16) and "The CBS Early Show" (June 17).


Missed BSB on "TRL" yesterday. (sigh) That's a bummer!!!

I've been dealing with a major computer crash this week... (Poor excuse, but a time-consuming one!)
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