December 22nd, 2004

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(Small) Website-Oriented Brag -- And Marilyn on TV

Okay, so because this will be a 'brag' you can feel free to ignore this post entirely! (smile)

I've been working on a little free website to use as the 'official' website for one of our Yahoo! Groups (that Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I co-moderate). I'm kind of proud of the way it's come out, actually...

What's fun is that even though it is a free site (hosted at Geocities), it looks fairly nice. Well, in my (not-so-humble) opinion, anyway! (grin)

If you're an LOTR fan, you might like visiting there just to check out the various LOTR links we've included in the site. (This certainly isn't every LOTR link around, but there are some good ones -- including some great informational sites that are quite helpful to LOTR fanfic writers.)

Hey, Evamaria shirasade? You have an LOTR RPS site, don't you? Would you like us to add it to our links? (Just wondered!)

If anyone else wants linkage, let me know. I'm trying to stick to sites that have at least one LOTR related fic (etc.), but I've been known to make exceptions... (smile) (One of those 'it's my site and I'll do what I want' type things, I guess.)

Marilyn was on national TV recently during the "Ambush Makeover" episode that featured her as the 'friend' who set up an ambush. She was fantastic. (She really should have a job that would put her in front of a camera, as she's a natural. They were really delighted to use her, I'll tell you...)

Marilyn was also on local TV today, appearing before City Council. Our wonderful mayor -- Vera Katz -- is leaving office shortly, so people attended to today to honor her... (An amazing woman who is very, very ill with cancer.)

I taped both and wish I knew a way to convert them to upload them! Anyway, someday that's going to happen. (I saw a combo VCR/DVD player that allows you to RECORD video tapes to DVD. Well, 'burn,' I suppose. But same difference! I covet that. I truly do!)

Speaking of DVDs, Marilyn and I have bought a slew of them recently! I need to do a list one of these days...

Better get to Christmas-y duties! I need to take out all our gifts for neighbors (we do quite a few around our neighborhood) and some packages, too...