November 2nd, 2004

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American Friends Over 18 -- Please Vote.

My sister Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I live in a state that has mail-in ballots for every election. We both voted against that, as we liked the experience of going to the polling place and casting our vote. There was a sense of community and of the sacred right of the voter involved... I'll cherish those memories as long as I live!

For those interested, I just visited Perceval Press. I'm delighted that an actor I already admire for his work -- Viggo Mortensen (of LOTR fame) -- is such an intelligent and caring person. His involvement with PP and Michael Moore (I always say Michael is my god -- and I'm only half joking when I say that) is incredible.

In fact, Viggo was in Columbus, Ohio with Michael on October 30, and gave an amazingly good speech... (When I went to PP I realized that some of the speech is actually there!)

Marilyn and I just got done talking briefly on the phone, where we both remarked on what an intelligent man Viggo is...

My sister Sue has borrowed my three fave mags that have interviews on Michael contained in them (including both "Playboy" and "The Rolling Stone"). She's had them for ages! She'd better not misplace them, because I want them back...

Viggo's been going around the country and appearing with Michael at a number of places -- and heavily pimping "Fahrenheit 911." (Damn, I haven't seen it yet, believe it or not. But MM and I finally did see "Bowling for Columbine" some time back. It was amazing.)

I have our ballots here waiting for when Marilyn gets off work tonight. We figure the closest we can come to going to the polls is to hand-deliver our ballots on November 2. There are several places where we can drop them off prior to 8 p.m.

Because we haven't yet had our ballots received and counted, we get constant phone calls reminding us to vote. Yesterday the Oregon Democratic Committee called us for the fifth time in the past week! I went off a little with the man, though I told him I admired what he was doing. We've had flyers on the door and people going door to door and phone calls like you wouldn't believe...

Measure 36 here is a 'one man, one woman' initiative -- or basically 'let's take away all the rights from any same-gender couples' thing. I don't suppose I need to say where we stand on that one, do I? I was talking again about our online friend Peter greyday and his boyfriend/partner Ryan ryan_beaches -- and their two kids (PJ, 13 and Caitlin, 3). The arguments in 'favor' of 36 go off on how a family can only be a father and mother (opposite gender parents). That just makes me see red! I'm going to hate it if 36 passes...

Marilyn and I live in a very 'blue collar' neighborhood -- and there are Kerry signs and 'no on 36' signs everywhere you look, basically...

We attended a funeral/memorial service on Halloween in the afternoon. The woman who died was clearly amazing -- we didn't really know her, but are friends of her husband. She loved politics and was active in them her entire life, loved to sing and dance and still performed in a seniors performing group (and was going to have to be replaced for her upcoming "Let Me Entertain You" performance on November 11!). I could go on and on, seeing as people said wonderful things about her...

She was a Republican and involved in the Right to Life movement.

Many of the people there were Republicans, actually.

As we were headed home, Marilyn said something about leaving Bush country and heading for Kerry land... (smile)

We reflected that it's still easy to both like and love people who don't share your political (and/or religious) views...

It's raining cats and dogs here. Nasty as can be. Ugh. I mean pouring down rain! I need to go out shopping in this muck later.

Oh, yeah! We only had 77 kids on Halloween this year! It's less every single year, I swear. Sue couldn't come by because she had to work (and didn't get back from Hood River -- long drive -- until past 11:00!), so it was just the two of us...

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I Feel Humbled.

I just got back from my neighbor's house. June's hubby had asked me to 'babysit' with Dorothy while he ran an errand...

Dorothy is June's delightful mother! She's 89 (no, I'm not kidding) and has always been so amazingly strong and vibrant.

But she's got terminal cancer and is lying in the guest room bed dying now.

It made me feel good to do something beside take them over treats, phone, visit and offer hugs. I'd gladly help more if they'd let me.

A death watch like that is hard.

June actually drove to Pendleton today. It's the first time she's been out since Dorothy came there to stay for what will clearly be her last visit ever...

I loved Dorothy from the first. My beloved aunt's name was Dorothy, too. And growing up Marilyn and I had a childhood friend (from before kindergarten through high school) who was also named Dorothy. I've never met a Dorothy I didn't like, I guess. (smile)

I've got a picture of Dorothy here in my office, stuck with magnets to the file cabinet beside me. It's not that good of her, but she's smiling in it. I feel a little sad right now. I could cry, I think, but I'm trying not to.

I did tell June the other day that she could cry on me any time she wants. It doesn't matter what your age is -- losing your mom is hard. It hurts.

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June's Mom, Dorothy -- Thoughts About Age

I'm just remembering a time when June and I were running on about 'not going there' to old age (as usual). June's my senior by ten (plus?) years, but agrees with me about the 'age issue' completely. We don't feel or act old and have no intention of 'becoming' old, either! (grin)

But we were talking about this and June told me that Dorothy (her mom -- who is 89 right now) feels pretty much the same way we do!

Dorothy had told June what a shock it was to feel young inside and then look in her mirror and wonder 'who that old woman was' that was staring back at her! I just loved that...

My sister Marilyn mistressmarilyn was pretty much frozen at 22 for me for ages. She's just one of the most youthful and vibrant people I know. As she approaches 50 (next April), we're planning a huge bday celebration in Las Vegas with a bunch of women -- most of whom are half our age. (smile)

Many of these women work with Marilyn -- and they love her. Well, she's an amazing person to work for. I can relate, because I've worked for her, too -- and she's the best manager I've ever seen, period. But various women and men at PRFA have told Marilyn recently (and over the years) that she's just incredible -- and young and fun!

You can be 'young and fun' at any age. (Even at 89.)

But how do you explain that to someone who is under 30? Or, under 20?

You don't. If they get it, you don't need to explain it. They don't automatically view you as 'old' because of a number. They don't start treating you a certain way because you're old enough to be their mother (or grandmother). Believe me, nobody would ever mistake Marilyn or me in either of those roles! (grin)

But recently we had some issues -- unpleasant, nasty issues -- here online. It was very upsetting. We let ourselves care about it way too much.

And, unfortunately, part of the problem was apparently age-related (going by the LiveJournal of one of the people involved)...

How do you explain?

Well, if someone doesn't 'get it,' there's no way to convince them. Some people have their minds made up -- and that's that.

I've never been down on anybody because they're 'too old' or 'too young.' That's why Marilyn and I don't run lists at Yahoo! groups that are 'closed' or require age statements (which are easy enough to fake, anyway).

I don't believe you suddenly become an adult -- or mature -- at a given age. I've known 16-year-olds that were more mature than I'll ever be! And I've known people in their 70's who were clearly never going to mature...

I've always had friends of all ages. When I was the 'young' one -- and now that I'm (apparently) the 'old' one.

But it can hurt when young people make assumptions about me based on my age. Assumptions that aren't true -- and that never will be.

Why are some people online so unkind? If they could know me even a little, I often think they'd like me. I've had very, very few people I've known face-to-face who haven't liked me in my RL...

Oops! I've got to run! It's pouring and I feel a little physically crappy, but we've got to go shopping and Sue's here!

I'm not down mentally or emotionally, though!