August 19th, 2004

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Wow. I'm So Far Behind.

It seems like I keep starting entries to post here--but then I never get around to posting them! (sigh)

Life hasn't been 'cooperative' lately...

I want to do some updates regarding our website.

I want to relate what's going on in our lives. (Things with our sister Sue and with Marilyn's mistressmarilyn health and work.)

Oh well.

I have been having a 'pain' in my right breast. It started last week and went away. But came back this week and so I set up a doctor's appointment.

I needed to go in anyway, seeing as it's time for my annual visit (and to get my meds refilled for the year).

But now I want to get my mammogram referal and not screw around with this. (I've had some problems in the past that required additional testing and so on, so...)

And with Sue's best friend dealing with breast cancer, it's close to home here. (Hell, that's one of many friends, but she's just who comes to mind.)

I have large breasts that are hard to check for lumps. I know, I know. TMI. Whatever.

I go to the doctor tomorrow morning, anyway.

Marilyn went to her doctor today. I need to post about that, too!

LOL. Out of control here.

And about how I spent my day today (with only a little time for any online).

We had to go down to the PRFA office tonight. Marilyn is first on the list for alarm calls. It was a kind of creepy experience, really, meeting the policeman there and going in...

Well, more (hopefully!!!) tomorrow. Time for bed.

(cyber hugs to all my friends...)

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LJ Gripes. Yes, Again (sigh)

Okay, so what gives with LJ now?

Yesterday I closed out my browser and was off the computer for virtually hours (most of the day). I'd jumped on early, but hadn't had time to even read my friends' entries...

(Same old, same old, I suppose. LOL.)

But later when I came back and opened a browser to do my quickie update to LJ, I was still logged in!

Trust me, it's never an option I'd select, seeing as I frequently go from computer to computer. It just wouldn't make sense for me.

Plus, I long ago selected the Dystopia browser as my personal default. My love of "Camelot" notwithstanding, I've always hated the XColibur browser here. (Show me the links plainly visible, I say. It's hard enough to navigate here even with those where you can see and find them. LOL.)

But both yesterday--and now today, too--I was in the XColibur browser.

They've been working on LJ recently (for those unaware). They did the Santa cluster, which is where my journal (my personal LJ, anyway) is located...


So now I guess it's another case of fixing what wasn't broken--at least it wasn't from where I stand. LOL.

I suppose it made something work better for the admins. But I'm screwed. (damn)

Well, that's my time for now. I was going to update about other things, but I've now officially run out of time!

Heading to the doctor shortly. I need to go in early and update my paperwork, apparently. (What? They can't keep it from one year to the next? My former clinic had my records going back to when I was a baby...)

I'm not nervous about the breast. Whatever. The doctor can't tell me much about that, anyway.

But it's another new doctor, and I'm hoping I'll like him! (That does make me slightly nervous, I'm afraid.)

Well, I've showered and washed my hair, but need to go get dressed...

Oh! And naturally the garbage collector (or whatever is PC to call him--no offense meant) did not bring my new can with him today. (He asked me not to call about it last week. But man, I was on the phone so fast this morning that heads were spinning. LOL. Hey, I gave him his shot! And the woman chided me for not calling yesterday! The nerve...)

Look, if you'd seen the can fall down into the garbage truck and come out covered with yuck (and I'm talking disgusting yuck here), then you'd be concerned, too. Normally it should be held above so the garbage falls out, you know? Anyway, I've spent a week shuddering every time I went near the now sour-smelling can...

Later (hopefully)!

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TMI? No Doubt. (smile)

It's 2:00 p.m. here (approximately). I've just been on the phone dealing with my health insurance coverage (or lack of same).


Well, I went to the doctor. (He's my brand new doctor and just lovely. Seriously. And a fellow lefty, to boot!) Okay, sue me. I'm very much about whether or not I like my various doctors (nurses, etc.). If I don't like them, it's just not going to work for me.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn took me (sweetheart that she is). I felt bad for her, because the appointment took an hour and a half! Heavens. That's the most thorough breast exam I've ever had, bar none. He found a lump, so I'm having a mammogram on Monday. They expidited this by setting the appointment personally. I guess you could call it an 'emergency mammogram.' (smile)

Actually, it's going to be a thorough mammogram at the Good Samaritan Hospital Breast Center and then an ultrasound, as well. (Generally when a woman gets a mammogram it doesn't include an ultrasound unless it's the second go around and there's been a potential problem detected, for those of you unfamiliar with the process.)

The next step, according to the doctor, is a needle biopsy. Marilyn wonders what they don't just skip to the chase and do that proceedure. Clearly there's a lump there, so...

I wanted to ask the thing about the blood test, but forgot. Here's my thing, anyway. (smile) When you've got cancer they're constantly able to do blood tests to see if you still have it. After you're 'clean,' they can do blood tests to see if there's any sign of cancer. If that's possible, why not just do a blood test to see if someone has cancer? Why not do them annually for everyone, just in case? Hey, maybe these are expensive, but what if they helped determine early on that you've got cancer?

Okay, that was an aside. (grin) I was too wrapped up in everything he did say to remember to ask about that...

Hopefully today is covered by insurance (which it appears to be). Hopefully Monday will be covered, too. They're switching my care to be sure everything after September 1 is back on the policy that my clinic covers, thankfully.

Okay, so here's some real TMI.

My breast hurts like hell now, after the exam!

The doctor asked me about my caffeine intake, which has been high recently, I admit. Caffeine can make breasts more sensitive. Now how can I work that into a fic? An mpreg, maybe? Not a "Troy" mpreg, though... (heh)

I'd segue into talking fic, but I want to call my neighbor right now. More later...

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Fic Banner=Joy (grin)

My latest and greatest in the world of making banners for our fic (at our website) include (link to fics which have the banner on top are included before and open in a separate page)...

"First Chosen"

(That's the latest chapter of Marilyn's mistressmarilyn "Boromir's Elves" series--Part six. It's so amazingly sweet. I normally don't like OCs--original characters--in fandom-based fic, but these are amazing. I'm in love with every single elf! LOL.)

I love this banner. Marilyn had a ton of input, telling me which elves she wanted and what other items. And thank the gods ("Troy"-speak) that PSP saves with layers intact, seeing as I had to make numerous changes (and I mean numerous) before getting it 'just right.' ROFL.

I guess this is mostly about what we want to see when we go and read our own fic. LOL. We're all over fic banners. I don't know about other people, but it just makes us both feel happy and warm to stare at the fic banner before reading the fic...

Marilyn also finally finished an old fic from the 80's that features Prince Dirk Blackpool of "Wizards & Warriors" fame. (grin) The show was basically awful (!!!), but had interesting characters! We loved it for what we could do with it away from the ridiculous, over-the-top humor. (smile) And the banner turned out nice, I think!

"Dark Prince"

She's such an amazing writer. This is another really good one-of-one read. (But I think it could have made a nice series, too...)

The banner for

"The Vessel"

turned out nicely, too. (I'm starting to lose track of all these various banners! ROFL.) There's a small bitch to trying to compress JPEGS so they aren't as large, but oh well. Hell, there's only so much space--and the banners are getting bigger and bigger (and bigger)! LOL.

The banner for

"Time to Sail"

also turned out really nice, I think. "Troy" fans (especially those who adore Eudorus) should give it a look. And should definately read the fic. (Marilyn can write rings around most fan authors. Including me, of course! She's just an accomplished writer, period. Though few fan readers will catch it, of course... Doesn't matter. I know good writing when I read it--fan writing or otherwise!)

Marilyn thinks the banner for

"Hidden Hero

is a work of sheer art. (blush) I'm delighted with how it looks, I have to admit. But I haven't worked much on chapter three. (It's only two chapters so far, in other words.)

Well, I did do a banner for one of the two "The Wild, Wild West" (WWW) fics we've got up, too. I had one hell of a time getting a pic of one of the characters, seeing as he was a character actor, not that well known and only appeared a few times on the series! But I made a pic of James West look like an old-time photo on the wall. It turned out rather cute, I think! (smile)

That's it for now. I need to hop my bike and take in my prescriptions to the druggist. (sigh)

More soon. I have so much updating to do here!


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