July 12th, 2004

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Charlie Is 'LJ-M.I.A.'

Yes, yes. I'm currently M.I.A. (missing in action, friends) here...

First, Marilyn mistressmarilyn has had a couple of 'bad' days.

She's bleeding and not feeling at all well...

But considering the surgery was two weeks ago today--and she's actually had to work almost every day since then--I think she's doing amazingly well!

Some days she's worked five (plus) hours. Others she's worked around two hours. She had a meeting her first day home from surgery and several hours of work on the following day!

She's been driving since the first week.

She's been up and around almost every day.

It's not that odd that she might have a bad day, considering! Oh hell, she's bound to have them even if she hadn't had to work...

(Yes, the bleeding is also normal. It can happen for up to three weeks. She says it feels like a 'bad period' and I can relate from my own surgery...)

Anyway, we were still getting daily visits up until yesterday--with food being brought in almost every case. LOL. We still have an uncooked lasagna in the fridge...

It's nice, but I think we're both glad it's over now. ROFL.

She's still getting gifts (calls, cards, etc.), too. She got a lovely basket of fruit recently...

In other news, we've turned our attention over to Yahoo groups and some lists we've been badly neglecting there. LOL.

We made a "Troy" fanfic list way back in May and haven't done a damn thing with it (aside from the banner I originally put there). So we did our 'Newbie Survey,' etc. and are ready to rock and roll...

More importantly, we're currently excited about our LOTR-related lists! One specifically geared for MPregs (and FemPregs) and one that's just a basic slashy list... (Yes, we're well aware there are a load of other LOTR slash lists at Yahoo. Tough. We want our own, regardless. LOL. We want to have more non-fic activities and drabble challenges and so on. Let it be geared for both characters and RPS. So we'll give it a go, anway!)

Those interested (smile) can see the LOTR-Slash-Fanfic banner here. (I'm totally 'in love' with how it turned out, frankly. It's amazing how easy it is to turn pictures into 'art' with Paint Shop Pro. I can't say how much I love that software!)

Again, for those interested (grin), you can see the LOTR-MPregs-FemPregs banner here. (It's okay, I guess. Basically, I just combined some of my MPreg LOTR art together with a few baby pics. Not that cool, really, but it works.)

I do think the group banner for the Troy-Fanfic list (which can be seen here) turned out nicely. Anyway, I recall having fun making it. LOL.

Well, better go check on Marilyn!

Oh! I almost forgot! She wrote an amazingly beautiful drabble last night! I hope she'll post it to our LJ LOTR MPreg community (which I also need to work on... sigh). I'd love to link it for people to read...

Wait! What the hell am I saying??? Whether she does or not, I'm definately going to put it at our website. ROFL. When I do, I'll link that! LOL.

More later...
charlie 2012 beige

Quitting? No, Just Not Participating...

Well, I'm over that little run of enthusiasm! LOL.

No, I'm not quitting the icon 'contest' communities I belong to. I still like seeing the icons, after all. They really are art to me.

But I've decided it's a complete waste of my time to enter my (feeble?) attempts there in future...

Hell, I've got little enough free time to spend online on any given day, so I simply needed to decide how best to spent that time.

I suppose the fact that I'm crazed by my Yahoo moderations at the current time just might have something to do with this decision, in all honesty! (smile)

The fact that I don't seem to do very well is also a factor. If people seemed to like my work I might feel differently. But as it is, my submissions won't be missed. That's just an honest appraisal!

It was fun while it lasted. Much like my small stint posting blend submissions. I found that experience exactly the same, by the way. Anyway, I can still vote for the work of others!

Interestingly enough, it didn't matter whether there was voting involved or the entries were simply judged by one or more persons.

In the final analysis, I didn't come away feeling bad about the experience. But it did push me to try things I might not have bothered with had it not been for the various challenges...

However, it was a bit annoying in some communities when entries that didn't follow the 'rules' were still allowed to win! No, that is not sour grapes on my part... Seriously. (smile)

At least you won't be forced to view any more of my icon challenge entries in the future! Which doesn't mean I won't ever post icons here again. Just that I doubt I'll do it as frequently as I might have!

It's hotter than hell here today. Our poor, over-worked and old air conditioner can't begin to even try and cool down the office even a little. (sigh)

Hours later and I've come back to finish this!

It's after ten now and still hotter than blazes upstairs. But I just 'ran through' the sprinklers in the back yard and am sitting here damp and not too horribly uncomfortable. (grin)

I think I want to tackle another drabble, possibly...