July 8th, 2004

beauty cats

Iconage Meme!

YOUR input makes this ICON MEME work!

Comments welcome!

Of my current icons (find them here) . . .

  1. Which is your favorite (and why)?

  2. Which is your least favorite (and why)?

  3. Have you always wanted context for (to better understand where I'm coming from with that given icon)?

  4. Have you never even noticed I had before viewing these right now?

  5. Do you think is the most artistic? (Because I'm all about the 'icon art' these days... LOL.)

So copy and paste into your own blog...

(Gacked the original version from LJ friend Kimmy* omgimnaked and tweaked it a bit... LOL.)

[I'm really curious about this meme, seeing as I have such a weird 'mix' of icons. ROFL. And we all know I'm really 'into' icons right now...]
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