July 7th, 2004

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LOTR Meme. (Because I LOVE LotR!)

This is not merely about being a meme sheep! This is because I love LOTR, obviously! LOL.

And I love Sean Bean, so I'm delighted by this (unlikely) response...

You're Sean!!!
You are SEAN BEAN. You speak at the speed of a
glacier and cause unassuming viewers to get
angry with you because you talked through 5
scenes and didn't let anyone else talk.

Which FotR:EE Cast Commentator Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

(You know, I never was annoyed by any scene that had Boromir appear! In fact, I was delighted in the extended movie versions that allowed him to have more scene time. He's an amazing actor. One of the finest in a cast of fine actors!)

Okay, so I'm off to do more moderation... LOL. (Yes, yes, I live for moderation, clearly...)

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charlie 2012 beige

Backstreet's Back and Other Miscellany...

Heard the (exciting) news on TRL that Backstreet has officially finished (finally) their new album! And that they're talking a possible tour, too. Woo Hoo!

Well, we'll see how that goes! ROFL.

Yes, I'm still reading "LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring" (which is mainly amazingly because I generally devour the books I read).

It's fascinating to see how much they changed Boromir in the movie versus the book! I understand what they were going for, but Boromir is just an amazing character--incredibly heroic.

Of course, regardless of the intent in the movie, I feel Sean Bean did an incredible job of keeping Boromir a character you could care about and relate to. (Again, I think he's just one of the most incredible actors...)

I want to read Tolkien's "The Silmarillion." (Have any of you read it? What all does it cover?) And "Unfinished Tales" (which a friend mentioned to me).

And finish the LOTR trilogy, of course. LOL.

We're still getting a ton of food gifts due to Marilyn's mistressmarilyn surgery. Have I mentioned that before? Friends from the office drop by and visit and bring food. You'd think in many cases they were feeding a family in stead of two people. LOL.

So last night I took a bunch of it next door to share with our neighbors and did that again today, too...

Okay, I need to get serious about moderation on several non-Paint Shop Pro communities and Yahoo lists that I moderate (or co-mod). I spend most of my time doing PSP-related moderation! LOL.

Marilyn and I want to write fic. We're anxious to, as a matter of fact.

LOTR is nagging at us. As is "Troy" and "Harry Potter." Yes, yes. We need to write!

Went to Wal-Mart today. (Yes, we love Wal-Mart. Get over it. LOL.) Also did some grocery shopping yesterday. Marilyn's just doing amazingly well, in spite of the pain and swelling...

She continues to have to do work-related things. It's just how things worked out, I'm afraid. You do the best you can...

As a matter of fact, she's sitting beside me doing a work-related email as we speak.

I've started the garbage. And recycling. But it's still really hot out in the front of the house, so I'm taking a break to write this. (Stalling.)

I want to be making icons (can't stop myself) and writing more tutorials (same). I still need to put a ton of tutorials over at GreatestJournal. I so easily lose track of which have gone up there and which haven't. (sigh)

Now Marilyn's finished and is playing "Bejeweled." (Which immediately makes me want to play, too. LOL.)

More later!

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