July 5th, 2004


Independence Day!

A nice Fourth of July here at our house...

I don't know if I've ever posted this, but at Marilyn's office they arranged for people to come by each day and bring 'goodies' for us to eat. (Presents, cards, friendship...)

So today it was Dani, her husband Patrick and baby Benjamin! Lovely visit.

I made scrambled eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast. We walked up to the corner grocery and got 'Drumstick' rip-off ice cream cones. Yummy!

We watched our local (Vancouver, Washington--out of Fort Vancouver) fireworks on TV. We watched some national fireworks, too, and really think the local coverage is the best we've seen nationwide! How about that?

There were hearts in the sky! Pretty.

We also sat in the back yard and watched fireworks that were just over our heads! Fabulous to see.

Then after we did our huge box of 'groundies' fireworks. Amazing!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is doing amazingly well, even though she's in a lot of pain today. (The swelling freaks her out. The nurse called from the hospital--follow-up call--and told her that would last four to six weeks. She was pretty upset about that! LOL. She's had a flat stomach her entire life--and works very, very hard to keep it that way...)

Sister Sue was having a huge crowd at her house. She's across the river (on the river) from Vancouver, so she's got an amazing view of the fireworks.

We watched "Independence Day" (the movie) on TV (love that movie--we both really love it) and also tons of "Twilight Zone" eps.

Plus some movie (name escapes me) with Sean Bean as a very appealing villain. God, that man is just so sexy! And one fantastic actor. Both Marilyn and I adore him (and have for years now)...

Yes, we're still all over LOTR. And want to go see "Harry Potter PoA" and "Troy" again while she's home recuperating...

We keep watching LOTR on cable, even though we've got all three movies on DVD--plus the extended version DVDs for the first two. ROFL.

Well, I'd better go check on Marilyn! Tomorrow will be one week since her surgery!

She walked around the back yard ten times today (even though she's been in a lot of pain). She amazes me...

Hope all my American friends had a great Fourth! We did buy hotdogs up at the corner grocery, but didn't end up cooking them. (Maybe tomorrow.) Imagine the Fourth of July with no hotdogs!!! Waaaah!


You know, it was a really good day!

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