June 25th, 2004

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LOTR Icons...

I've been on a kick, making new icons! LOL.

Recently it's been "Troy" (a few weeks back) and--most recently--"Harry Potter" and "LOTR." (I wonder why... LOL!)

Here's a few 'teaser' LOTR icons:

I have literally piles more. LOL.

I'm going to put some over at the LOTR icon community (maybe tomorrow)...

I spent part of today making LOTR MPreg art--and LORT MPreg banners for the new community and Yahoo! Group Marilyn mistressmarilyn and made. We haven't got them quite ready to go yet. (Maybe this weekend... ???)

I'll 'pimp' them properly for those interested when they're ready (of course). LOL.

So much to share! But LJ has sucked to try and use both yesterday (most of the day) and today! So I gave up trying.

Need to write about Sandy, my friend June (and her husband and step-mother Pauline) and Sue. And the crap at work for (poor) Marilyn!

And the lawn (and Hector) and the weather here. And going to the play (and dinner) tonight! Such fun!

And getting the 'extended' DVDs of the first two LOTR movies!!! (Hurray!)

And on and on and on...

Anyway, I've missed you guys! First my computer was out (both were!) and then LJ is out. (sigh)

More soon. I'm tired now (long day) and need to head to bed (seeing as it's past 1:00 now)...

Oh! I also colored my hair today. Boy, did it need it! (grin)

Night all!
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no way--harry

LJ Status? Not Good, Clearly!

At least for a change they've got something up at...

Collapse )

I've personally never understood why they don't post to that site more frequently...

They clearly know when they've got 'issues'--and what's going on with them! Why not update that site every so often and let us know what's going on?

I find it ironic that they link back to the support page. I mean, when LJ is down, how can we look at support??? (Isn't that the whole point of having a different site where they can update us on LJ status in the first place? (!)

And of course they haven't updated that since 10:30 last night (Pacific Time). (sigh)

It took me seven (count 'em!) times to log on, period. I kept getting this:

Username not found.
Incorrect Password.


Well, about half the time I log on I end up with an error message anyway. LOL.

Good old LiveJournal! Gotta love it! LOL.

If it stays 'bad' again today, I'm not screwing with it. I'll go over and get some things done at Yahoo! Groups, or go off line and do housework (or something). This is too annoying.

Or maybe go play at GreatestJournal (which isn't down)... (Has anyone who plays at both blog communities ever noticed that GJ is never down? Hm...)

Anyway, if you're able to log on (or patient enough to log on, I guess), Happy Friday! I have some humor to share--if LJ will let me, that is!
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LOTR Icons

Well, I've been on a huge icon-making spree recently. LOL. What can I say? I guess it's an outlet for the 'artist' side of me (such as it is, anyway).

So I think I'll share a batch here that friends can view--and share (if they wish).

For those who take one (or more), please NOTE:
  • Please share.
  • Credit (in your keywords: charliemc) is appreciated (expected?).
  • These aren't 'bases'--and shouldn't be personalized/changed without contacting me. (You can do that here.)
  • Comments are also appreciated. (smile)
  • I'm always curious if someone likes an effect, etc. Please do share your thoughts...
  • Fave character/actor you'd like to see? Let me know! (smile)
  • Please do not hotlink. Bandwidth isn't free! (grin)
  • For use at LJ and GJ only, please.

So much for my art. (grin) Right. (Oh, Charlie, you are so not an artist. Heavens!)

I'm all over LOTR (duh, Charlie) right now. Can't get enough of it, really! LOL.

Yes, we go the (wonderful!!!) EXTENDED versions of the first two movies! Can't wait to get the last movie, too...

Sometimes they'll have just a second or two that Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I really feel should have been left in!!! (Damned film editors, anyway.)

And Marilyn brought up how we've always wished we could have the 'cutting room floor' scenes back in our fave movies, like "Gone With the Wind" and "Camelot." ("The Godfather" and on and on and on...)

Now that's such an easy thing! (sigh of contentment)

Okay, next entry should be about the play last night!
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