June 24th, 2004

charlie 2012 beige

Time. For. Bed. (Tired.)

But you may have noticed I'm BACK! (LOL.)

The story of the computers (saga?) will have to wait 'til tomorrow. (sigh)

I've been adding to and changing out my icons (as usual). Wait until you see the new ones I plan to share tomorrow! (I've been on a total icon-making kick. Hee-hee-hee!) But for now, feel free to see these.

(And while you're at it, you might want to check the new ones I made for my sister Marilyn mistressmarilyn, too. Those are here.)

Too late to write a real entry, I'm afraid! LiveJournal has been pretty screwed up much of the day! I did post two (count 'em, two!) tutorials today. But later when I wanted to put them at GJ, as well, I could never get back on decently at LJ. (sigh)


Well, off to bed. Hugs to my friends! (See you tomorrow...)

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